Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year's Eve of the Ages

Alright far, this city has been nothing but awesome craziness and I love it! Let's talk about opening first...we could not have asked for a better city with a cooler audience to open the show in! The butterflies that were happening when we met at the bed on stage to do our own new version of "fuck time" was contagious and so exciting. The whole creative team came back there with us and Michael gave us a pep talk just before that was so touching. After lots of hugs and break-a-legs, we taught everyone our new "fuck time" inspired by a very funny warm-up our MD Jared taught us the first week (listen close just before the show may just be able to hear it). Then it was time. The girls ran off, and the curtain started to rise...and just what we love, screams and hoots and hollers!! It pumped us up and we were crazy energized through the entire show until the last note from that cello! I hope all of you that came out to opening had as much fun as we did up there. And, to get a tad sentimental, I cannot reiterate enough how amazing you Idiot fans are and how much your support means to me, and to all of us. It makes such a difference having you guys out there, because we feed off your energy and rage and love that you have connected to the show, just as we do. So thanks for really being the coolest fans out there. :)

So, curtain comes down and now, it's party time! Us girls run off and primp and get dressed in our cute opening night dresses and head to the party! Everyone looked so amazing at the party and I'll just say it, collectively, I think we are a pretty attractive cast ;) There were so many pictures being taken, lots of loved ones, and so much support and excitement for what this tour is going to bring these next six months! It was a great night. Oh oh, can't forget the best part though. For some reason, Me, Jen, Nicci, and Jillian thought we'd be tough chicks and walk back to the hotel in our short dresses, no tights, and four inch heels, Jen being the main instigator after I realized it was a horrible idea. We get outside, and it is a hot. mess. Scratch that, FRIGID MESS. We scurry quickly to the doors that would have let us walk back pretty much inside the rest of way, and it was LOCKED. Jillian then broke her heel, and at this point none of us have any feeling in our thighs or toes and we cannot stop laughing/wishing we would have taken Talia's offer to get driven back to the hotel. We see some of our boys walking over and finally have an escort which is great. Me and Jillian continue hoofing it through the snow and then see Jen sprinting past us in her boots!! HER BOOTS! She brought her boots as a back up. Thanks for the tip Jen Bowles. We finally made it back to the hotel and let our bodies defrost. I literally have never been that cold in my life or laughed that hard. Anyway, the whole evening was amazing, but it couldn't last too long because we had to do a matinee the next day, but you better believe that the minute Richard Ouzounian posted that review around 1am, we were all hooting and hollering in the lobby of our hotel. In case you missed it, here is the incredible review he wrote.

Now, onto New Years. I will say in all of my years celebrating New Years with friends and loved one's, this one was definitely one of the BEST New Years Eve's ever!! We started the day with a soundcheck for this performance we were going to have that night at the big New Years Eve Live celebration in downtown Toronto. After we sound-checked and blocked everything out, we headed back to the theatre for our evening show and once that was over we all got all sparkled up for the evening and headed on the bus! Once we got back to the performance venue, we sat around for a bit, took silly pictures, met the Mayor, and finally went on!! There were SO many people there! Probably the most I've ever performed for, and it was awesome!! The crowd was so excited, and we had a total blast performing for everyone, not to mention that it got broadcast on National Canadian Television! In case you missed it...

The rest of the evening was a whirlwind and such a blast. Our producers threw us a party with great drinks and so much food! We all partied and danced and just enjoyed each others company. I know I say it all the time, but I really do love these people. Every single one. And it really was a perfect night and New Years Eve, with the exception of not having my boyfriend with me :( My friends took care of me though, and I did talk to him at midnight :) Hope you all had a happy and safe New Year and that we all stick to our resolutions!! Cheers to everyone!!

krystina :)

PS: Watch and enjoy this video of our adventures on the Toronto subway!