Friday, December 30, 2011


#UticaRocks, the saying of our time in Utica, and even though there wasn't much to do where we were staying (mostly because we didn't have cars or any free time), the tech process brought on lots of bonding, laughing, and hard work that paid off to beautifully tech-ed and performed shows at the end of the week! This show is a beast to light and sound and costume and it really was amazing to see all of it come together! Most of my costumes are the same but I have a new AI look, and a new Rebel and Homecoming look. Everything else it basically the same stuff I wore on Broadway which makes me happy cause I love it but I also love the new stuff! To the right is a picture of my St. Jimmy outfit! Even though we had very limited free time, we had to eat! We spent most of our dinners eating at the restaurant Ancora by the theatre which we were so happy existed because there were not a lot of options! The atmosphere was nice, and the food was so yummy!! I recommend it to everyone! As for the other stuff around the theatre, there sure were some funny happenings between the hotel and the theatre. Our first day, we stopped at a place called "Green Mountain Coffee" and we were like, oh awesome a coffee shop! We walked up to the door and these old guys were like " What are you kids looking for?" and we told them coffee and then they said, "well this is sometimes a coffee shop but we are having a meeting today". We were like, uh okay. I will say though, between the Rite-Aid 20 minutes away, the wig shop down the street, and using our imaginations with what he could find at the hotel, our Secret Santa was a huge success that we had! People got creative, got thoughtful...Julian, one of our guitarists even whittled his secret santa an arrowhead out of his hotel soap!

Now onto more important things, CHRISTMAS!! How was everyones?? and Hanukkah? I had such a wonderful time having my first New York Christmas. Because of our schedule, I wasn't able to find the time to squeeze in flying home to Arizona for our few days off for Christmas which was super weird for me because this is a huge deal with my family! It was hard, but I will say, my small Christmas with my rommies was so much fun!! We watched Christmas movies, opened lots of presents to each other and sent from our families, and had a full on feast including a ham, mac&cheese, collard greens, tamales, beans (homemade Mexican refried beans that I made from scratch!!) and yummy desserts. Not to mention a breakfast feast too of cheesy eggs, cinnamon rolls, and a fancy southern apple sausage roll! It really was such a nice time being at home in my apartment with people I love. I missed my family, but I couldn't have asked for a better and more fun first Christmas in New York! What did everyone get for Christmas? or give?? My favorite thing I gave was a calendar I gave to my parents that I designed with a bunch of pictures of us kids when we were little and stuff. They loved it! And a few of my favorite gifts I got was a Juicy Couture perfume sampler, an awesome dress that I am going to wear for opening, and these beautiful diamond earrings with my birthstone in the middle (woah). I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of love and lots of food!

Last but not least, here is a picture you Spring Awakening fans might enjoy!! Look who came to our first preview and brought me my favorite flowers??!

krystina :)


(remember to leave any and all recommendations for food, fun, sight seeing or just about anything in this city! Also, leave any questions if you have them about the rehearsal process, flying, life, or anything!)

oh and I have to give a shout-out to Katie Fitzmorris for all of her awesome recommendations to do in Utica! Thanks Katie! We never got a chance to check them out cause of our bonkers schedule, but we loved all your ideas!! 


Rebecca said...
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Cara said...

From what I hear, Toronto loves you guys. I'm not surprised. :) Only about 3 weeks until I see the show in Detroit. I'm excited to see the changes from the Broadway version.

Sarah said...

Toronto loved all of you guys, I have to say. BEST SHOW EVER. And for food, I have to say, just eat, and make everyone else eat, poutine. Just yes.

erin k said...

P. Sherman!!! Can't wait to see the show in STL.

Mariah said...

if you can get down to Queen Street, across from the Much Music building is a Crêpe place, easily one of the best treats in the city.
Also there's the new TIFF building on King, they have a Grace Kelly exhibit that's supposed to be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to see the show tomorrow night! So excited! I doubt you guys have much free time left... but I love the Free Times Cafe in Toronto, especially when new artists are playing!
Hope to see you at the stage door!