Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I want to be a part of it...New York, New York!

Our time is coming to an end here in NYC, and it has been so incredible. It's funny, I thought that my body would be like, "oh yeah, I remember this, no problem" but instead it was like "ow OW OW OH HOLY CRAP OW". This show is the hardest show on your body but in the best (most of the time) way. We have had the pleasure of working with Steven Hoggett (original choreographer) every day and he is the definition of a warrior. Our "warm-ups" in the mornings are basically full on workouts/bootcamp and it is a sweaty mess. It's funny though seeing the difference already from week one to week two. We are still being worked super hard, but everyone (including me) is stretching farther, breathing less heavy in sprints, doing more push-ups, and looking fabulous. This show whips you into shape quick! It is really amazing getting to work with Steven because I actually never got to work with him when I was in the Broadway show except for one warm-up before a show when he made a special appearance. That is my favorite thing about being able to do the tour.

My experience being a Broadway replacement for this show could not have been more different. I had 8 rehearsals with just me and Ben, and sometimes with Justin Guarini, Davey Havok, and PJ Griffith the other replacements as the time. But mostly it was just me, the incredible Ben Thompson, and our MD Jared. But this time, it's crazy!! We are creating something together with everyone and it is so cool! Tom Kitt is with us every day tweaking the vocals, Steven Hoggett has incredible new ideas which you will all see and, if you've seen the show, will notice with some of the choreography, and it is just awesome because this time I actually get to have a full process. I get to hear Michael Mayer explain why we do this here, or fell like this there. It is a dream. Not to mention the cast. These new Idiots are unreal. It feels authentic and awesome and so fierce! Plus they are like the nicest people ever. I'm already making life-long friends...and they're funny too!

Enjoy some pictures from our rehearsal process! And check out this Playbill exclusive to take a closer look at our rehearsals in NYC! http://www.playbill.com/multimedia/gallery/3398/?pnum=7

 Last night after our last studio run which we performed for all the old Idiots, (such an awesome experience having all the Idiots in one room, plus it was SO nice to see everyone!) we all attended the premiere screening of NBC's new show Smash. Michael Mayer, our director, also directs Smash so he invited us all and it was a great way to end our NY rehearsals with a bang. It was at MOMA and we all dressed up, ate fancy hor dourves, took lots of pictures, and watched the show, which was so great! I can't wait till it premieres next year because I have a feeling people are gonna love it, ESPECIALLY theatre lovers! The acting was awesome, the performances were beautiful and fierce, and the show in general was superbly directed and written! Can't wait for you all to see it! And this morning, we had our Sitz Probe and man was in unbelievable!!! This band is SICK. My ears are still ringing!!

So tonight is my last night in NYC (minus the two days we have off for Christmas). It is crazy that we start tour tomorrow! Life is about to change drastically, but in the best way. I love touring and even though I will miss my life here in New York, I cannot wait to start performing this show around the country!

And now I leave you with a video introducing some of the Idiot girls and how we felt after our first week of rehearsal! I know a lot of you have been asking if I am going to make videos like I did for Spring Awakening...and the answer is...yes! Woo! Enjoy!

krystina :)

Next City: UTICA, NY

(remember to leave any and all recommendations for food, fun, sight seeing or just about anything in this city (especially Utica...what the heck is Utica? haha Also, leave any questions if you have them about the rehearsal process, flying, life, or anything!)


Katie said...

Check out the brewery in Utica! You're also not that far from Syracuse which has a lot of stuff to do. I can't wait to see the tour in Utica next Thursday!

Katie Fitzmorris said...

Yea basically Syracuse...also there's this really great place called Babe's that's not that far from the theater that's AMAZING!!!! There's also a children's museum which is still always fun haha, a zoo which is kind of meh....and the POLAR EXPRESS is there and i think there's one on Sunday.

Cara said...

Thanks for doing video! That's so amazing. Only 36 days till I get to see the show in Detroit. I'm so excited. :)