Monday, November 7, 2011

Here we go again...!

Good evening bloggers! I am so excited to announce (as most of you already know) that I will be heading back out on the road rocking out with the 1st National Tour of American Idiot!! I cannot even express in words how excited I am to continue working on this show. I had the greatest time with it on Broadway, but my time was limited since we closed shortly after I joined the company. I was itching to continue, and now I will be! This tour is going to be mind blowing. We are hitting some awesome cities including LA, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and my hometown Tempe, Arizona! We are just a week out from first rehearsals which will commence in Charleston, SC with fly school for all the Extraordinary Girls and Tunnys, and then will continue for the next few weeks here in NYC.

I decided that this blog is going to become very active again as it was when I was on tour with Spring Awakening. I almost find it easier to blog from the road because there are big changes happening almost every week with the new places and stuff. So from here on in, I will be posting a new blog after each city about how the show was received there, cool activities we did, awesome restaurants and coffee shops, our Idiot adventures, and must-sees in each city. I will also announce at the bottom of each post the next city to come and would love for you all to post comments if you have favorite spots for us to hit, restaurants, places to see, that favorite hole-in-the-wall we would never think of and anything else we should check out in that city. I will include pictures, guest bloggers, and maybe even a video or two! I would love to make this blog more interactive! So feel free to leave any questions you have too, about Idiot, the business, life, whatever! and I will take the time to answer them in my next post! Spread the word to whoever you think would be interested and maybe I'll catch you out on the road! Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Krystina :)



Allison said...

can't wait to hear all about the tour!!!! AI was the first broadway show i saw ... and then i saw it 3 more times... I can't wait to see it when it comes to Boston.. Good luck!!!

Cara said...

I'm so glad you're going to be on the tour. You were in AI the last 2 times I saw the show and you were so nice at the stage door. It was only after I saw AI that I realized I'd seen you in Spring Awakening as well!
I'll be traveling from Tennessee to Detroit to see AI on it's first U.S. stop. I'm so excited!

allysonlyn said...

Can't wait to see it in LA! When you guys get closer to being here I'll post stuff you should check out! Sending love!!

Anonymous said...

are broadway idiot fans allowed to vist you guys in nyc for rehearsals ? just to say hi and see how everything is going

Dev said...

Are you in the same track as you were on Broadway?