Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flying Southern Belle's

Flying home from fly school is not going as smoothly as flying did this week in Charleston. What a great week it was. And what a great city Charleston, SC is. Meet our newest Idiots, Nicci, Jillian (girls up there) Scott, Dan, and Gabe! We had some great times, and big laughs this week and it was wonderful getting to know everyone, especially suspended a billion feet in the air. It was such an awesome feeling getting back into the harness! As some of you know, I understudied Extraordinary Girl on Broadway, but haven't flown in over six months. Muscle memory really is fascinating because the minute I got back in my harness and was hooked up, it all came back to me pretty quickly. My flying partner for this week was Dan and by the end, we were all flying like Cirque de Solei performers/Tunny's&Extraordinary Girls. Also, to answer a question from you guys that I got a lot from my last post, I will be performing in the same track I did on Broadway, Ensemble/ u/s Whatsername & Extraordinary Girl! 

The food here in Charleston was incomparable. Some of the best southern comfort, buttery food I've had. And I have spent some time in Charleston over the past few years, but for some reason this time around, woo! A few highlights were definitely Magnolias in downtown Charleston. I had these amazing barbeque pork sliders with sweet potato fries. The meat was so tender and the bread was perfectly toasted! We also had a really great celebratory dinner at a place called Hyman's close to our hotel which we were referred to by every cab driver in Charleston. We ate some yummy fish, fried green tomatoes, hush puppies, and I tried a sip of a Bloody Mary for the first time. It's like drinking salsa out of the jar. Not my kind of drink but Gabe insists that a "Caeser" Bloody Mary is the way to go which has Clamato juice in it (clam juice). Apparently it's all the rage in Canada where he's from, but I can't imagine drinking salsa with clam juice either. We shall see. Our first night in we ate at Jestine's, another place the cabbies all told us about and I had pecan fried chicken with some of the best mac&cheese. None compares to Matt's grandmas, but it came pretty darn close. All in all, my food experience in Charleston was top notch and I would recommend any and all of these restaurants to anyone visiting! 

Not only was the food great in Charleston, but the people were so nice! True ladies and gentlemen, and I mean to the fullest. People on the street said good morning, the waiters took only the ladies orders first, everyone calls you ma'am, and it seems as if every person around us had a big ol' smile on their face and was genuinely happy to see us! I think everyone (including me) could learn a little something from the South and how hospitable they are! Such a great atmosphere! And now, without further ado, my first guest blogger! The ever-so-talented, biggest Southern gentleman I know, straight from Charleston, South Carolina himself, Matt Shingledecker!    

"Let's start with the fact that I'm so glad you recognize the FACT that my Mama's mac&cheese is the best on the planet.  Still not sharing the recipe.  Sorry!

The best way to describe Charleston's cuisine is French Gourmet meets Gullah Soul meets Seafood.  If you're ever in the area, check out Laura Albert's.  My best friend Elliott Elsey's mother and grandmother have a wine and beer shop on Daniel's Island which also does lunch during the weekdays, brunch on the weekdays, tastings, and caters.  For the locals it also boasts dinners that you can take home, reheat, and serve as if you made a home-cooked meal.  During the warmer months they have outdoor seating and cornhole.

I learned I wanted to act and sing for the rest of my life at the Doc Street Theater, the oldest theater in the country.  It's home to Charleston Stage, the regional theater that I worked the most.  It also is one of the many theaters that houses productions that are part of the Spoleto Festival which brings in artists of all sorts from around the world to Charleston as well as featuring local talent.

What you forgot to mention is how beautiful the city is.  Downtown Charleston is a peninsula so there is water everywhere.  There are many beaches just a short drive away.  It also has the largest historic district in the country.  My personal recommendations are the Battery, Market, and Rainbow Row.  If you're a fan of the "The Notebook," the internet can point you to many scenes filmed in Charleston for the movie as well as many other motion pictures.

All in all I couldn't ask for a better city to grow up in because it kindled some of my greatest loves: food, acting, and singing".

Check out Matt in the Rent revival at New World Stages playing now eight times a week! He plays Roger and it is basically the best thing I have ever seen. Plus he wears really tight pants, and who doesn't wanna see that! Also, follow @bwaybites on twitter, a new food blog created by some of the guys from Rent, including Matt!

So now as I finish this blog post from my comfy couch in New York after being stuck in Charleston for an extra night, we move on to full rehearsals starting Monday at 9 o'clock! And from then on it is go, go, go! It really is crazy how fast time flies! Before we know it, we will be opening in Toronto and I cannot wait. But first, we spend the next three weeks in New York! This should be fun! Enjoy the below picture where some of us deliriously chowed down on a late night dinner at Chili's after we were stranded in Charleston due to our plane being broken. Until next time!

krystina :)


(remember to leave any and all recommendations for food, fun, sight seeing or just about anything in this city! Even though I live here, I and the Idiots are always looking for stuff to do. We will be busy, but still! Also, leave any questions if you have them about the rehearsal process, flying, life, or anything!)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Here we go again...!

Good evening bloggers! I am so excited to announce (as most of you already know) that I will be heading back out on the road rocking out with the 1st National Tour of American Idiot!! I cannot even express in words how excited I am to continue working on this show. I had the greatest time with it on Broadway, but my time was limited since we closed shortly after I joined the company. I was itching to continue, and now I will be! This tour is going to be mind blowing. We are hitting some awesome cities including LA, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, and my hometown Tempe, Arizona! We are just a week out from first rehearsals which will commence in Charleston, SC with fly school for all the Extraordinary Girls and Tunnys, and then will continue for the next few weeks here in NYC.

I decided that this blog is going to become very active again as it was when I was on tour with Spring Awakening. I almost find it easier to blog from the road because there are big changes happening almost every week with the new places and stuff. So from here on in, I will be posting a new blog after each city about how the show was received there, cool activities we did, awesome restaurants and coffee shops, our Idiot adventures, and must-sees in each city. I will also announce at the bottom of each post the next city to come and would love for you all to post comments if you have favorite spots for us to hit, restaurants, places to see, that favorite hole-in-the-wall we would never think of and anything else we should check out in that city. I will include pictures, guest bloggers, and maybe even a video or two! I would love to make this blog more interactive! So feel free to leave any questions you have too, about Idiot, the business, life, whatever! and I will take the time to answer them in my next post! Spread the word to whoever you think would be interested and maybe I'll catch you out on the road! Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Krystina :)