Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Preggers Pact

This is my second week living as an Ivy-leauger here at Yale. I even bought some cute track shorts which you know I will be sporting at Idiot softball next week! This campus is amazing, so Hogwarts-esque which just makes me giddy every day! Pregnancy Pact is the musical I am workshopping here with an AMAZING group of people. Written by Gordon Leary and Julia Meinwald, it tells the story of 6 teenage girls in high school who make a pact to get pregnant in order to fill a void in their lives, something they are missing. The music is FIERCE especially for the six girls all together. It truly is epic. Performances are tomorrow at 7pm at the Off-Broadway Theatre at Yale in New Haven, CT and this Saturday at 1pm. You can purchase tickets here for only $10 with a student ID and $15 regular. I'm telling you guys, if you want to take a quick weekend getaway, come!! You will NOT regret it, not only to see this amazing musical, but you get to hang out in New Haven which is basically Hogwarts! haha. But seriously, I would love to have anyone and everyone there. The talent of the people in the show with me is mind blowing! You Spring Awakening fans will see some familar faces and hear some familiar voices of Remy Zaken, Eryn Murman, and Andrew Durand! Plus the amazing Allie Trimm, David Bahgat, and Bonnie Antosh! Not to mention our music director extraordinare Vadim Feichtner and amazing director Mark Brokaw. 

Hope everyones summers are nice and relaxing and that you are staying out of the heat! Maybe I'll see you around campus ;)

Krystina :)