Sunday, February 13, 2011


Alright bloggers, sorry for the suspense, but I didn't want to jynx anything! I will be making my Broadway debut in American Idiot at the St. James Theatre on February 27th!! I am taking over for Libby Winters (who is now the new Extraordinary Girl, awesome!) as Ensemble/u/s Whatshername and Extraordinary Girl!! I could not be more pumped!

Now that I have a new awesome project, you better believe that this blog is going to start being seriously updated with all the cool new adventures I am going to be having! Let's start with the fact that this whole thing is going so quickly! My head is still spinning from last week and the whirlwind it all was. I had my final callback for AI last Tuesday, and then they called me to cast me just a few hours later! You can imagine how excited I was!

So the next day, got called from my stage manager letting me know that I would have some costume fittings on Thursday! I went to my first fitting and got to try on my Whatshername zip up dress which is super fierce, and, the best dress of them all, Favorite Son! Since Libby is being bumped up, I am actually going to be in a red one instead of silver!

Then it was off to the shoe place to get fitted for my Favorite Son heels, and finally, I headed over to the theatre. When I got to the St. James I met up with my new stage manager Jim and immediately got fitted for my harness for the EG u/s. It was awesome and I was like, "wow I cannot wait to start flying" and they said, "well you are right now! We have to see how the wires fit with the harness". So they took me up to the stage and hooked me into the wires and removed the little step stool under me, and I was flying! Well, only like 3 feet off the ground, but let me tell you, it was a really awesome sensation, so I can't even imagine how it will be when I actually learn it! I then headed out to the house to watch the show, which was freaking sick!! I cannot wait until I am up there rocking out with the rest of the Idiots!

So my next step is rehearsal which starts this Tuesday with my music director from SA tour actually, Jared! And then, 12 days later, I am on stage jamming with the ensemble. I can already tell that this is gonna be the best workout of my life haha.

Anyway, thanks already for all the support and congrats from you guys. I have never felt more loved. Hopefully you can all catch the show soon!!

Krystina :)


Jennifer said...

How amazing! Congrats on a Broadway debut! I hope I will be able to make it up to NYC someday to see you rock it!!

heytheremeranda said...

Thats so awesome Krystina! Congrats.

MT said...

Best of luck, Krystina! Ooo... the red dress. Fancy. XD

Deb Bryant said...

Absolutely amazing! :D
Hoping to get to the US and NYC someday,seeing as i live in the UK. I've been following American Idiot since it started in Berkeley and then moved to the St.James theater and i wish you the best of luck, Krystina! :D

Red dress? Sounds snazzy =]

Rand said...

Yeah baby! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

ah-mazeballs!!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Krystina!!!! So exciting. Love following your career. Brenda Johnson in AZ