Friday, October 29, 2010

More Videos

Good Evening Bloggers!

In the process of...

revamping my website
revamping my facebook page
updating this blog more often...I'm talking at least once a week!

Let's start with what's been going on lately! New York is getting gorgeous! The leaves are changing and exciting things are starting to happen! Some events I am involved in are coming up soon, and some announcements are gonna be happening real soon so keep checking back!

Check out some videos from our girls cabaret here in NYC this past August!

I'll keep posting videos from the cabaret periodically!

What is everyone being for Halloween? Last year I was Dora the Explorer, but this year I am totally out of ideas! And Halloween is in like 2 days! Help anyone??

Also...would any of you come if we revamped our Girl Cabaret in Boston? Any interest out there?

krystina :)