Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New York City Summer

SO, this is my first official blog entry post- Spring Awakening!! So strange still, but now comes a new chapter in my life and I cannot wait for it to start!

This is now my fourth week living here in the city, and I love it! But, I will be honest, it can get kind of boring sometimes, so I am calling on all you New Yorkers! What can I do here that is a) fun and b) inexpensive on my down time, which I have a lot of. I have been doing the usual, going to Central Park, rushing shows, taking dance, etc. I just am looking for some creative options. Also, to everyone in NY or not, what do you guys do in your free time when you are bored? Like hobbies and stuff I can pick up? I have started knitting and reading a lot, and watching shows online, but I would love to hear about what you guys do in your spare time to give me some ideas!

It has been really interested getting used to living here in NYC. It is definitely a strange adjustment because before tour, I was living at home, and then going on tour, I was living in a new place every single week. So now that I am somewhere I know I will be for a long while, it is kind of weird honestly. Very fun, but a bit weird. I love it though, I just know it is going to take time for me to get used to it, just like it took me time to get used to touring. It has been great though because a lot of my Spring family is doing the same thing, adjusting to life in the big city, and it has been great having them all here to hang out with and talk with. I am so thankful for Spring Awakening because I truly have life long friends from that experience. It has been so much fun seeing everyone here in NY and knowing that we are still so close even though tour is over.

Right now I am reading the book, "The Happiness Project" and I am in love with it! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good, uplifting read. It is written by Gretchen Rubin and is all about her conquest over a year in her life to enjoy the little things and lead a happier more pleasant life. It is a wonderful book. I am only half way through, but it is already on my top ten favorite book list.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. It is a hot one out there today so stay out of the heat and become best friends with your air conditioner cause I'm cuddling with mine right now. :)

krystina :)


Rhiannon said...

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! :)

Jennifer said...

I read a lot. Also, I just like walking around/exploring the city/people watching. It's free and super interesting... but it sucks if the day is too hot. Ooo, also, hit up some museums! NYC has great ones!

Jessica said...

My favorite artsy crafty creative outlet is hand sewing. At one point I found these patterns: http://web.archive.org/web/20000606070627/http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~eq5k-mgry/work5e.htm and I took the basic concept of the Dorothy doll (though using fleece instead of felt) and started using it as a basis for dolls of other characters (at one point I even ended up doing dolls of all of the characters in SA as a gift for a friend). They're great because since the dolls are so small (they're about four inches tall), you can finish one in a day -- I like art projects that have that kind of quick satisfaction :) They make cute gifts.