Monday, July 26, 2010

NYC Cabarets!

Just finished reading the book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, and I have to recommend it to all of you. It is a very uplifting and just a fun book in general, and makes you kind of look at life with a little more perk even when stuff sucks sometimes. Now that I am done with that, I am starting my next book adventure. I am going to ready Harry Potter 1-7 all over again and I am so excited about it! Unless someone can throw a book recommendation at me to postpone the magic? Let me know.

Three days left in NYC until I take a little vacation back to my west coast. I am so happy. It is funny, I never realized how much I would miss the west coast until I moved here. I am spending four days at home and then about a week in LA for my birthday on August 7! It is going to be just the best time with my favorite people in the whole world.

Wanted to let you all know that I will be performing in a few cabarets in August both in New York City. One on August 16 that I posted about prior to this entry and the big one, VOULEZ-VOUS COUCHER AVEC MOI? A one night stand with five girls from “Spring Awakening”. Me, Krista Pioppi, Steffi D, Gabby Garza and Kayla Foster are coming together for a one night only cabaret about the greatness of being women. It is going to be such a fun night! Directed by Kristen Lee Rosenfeld, you will hear songs about love, sex, relationships, songs by our favorite women artists, and dream roles we want to play. It is going to be a night not to miss. This cabaret is on AUGUST 21 at 7pm at the LAURIE BEECHMAN THEATRE in NEW YORK. Please call 212.695.6909 to book your reservations! And please do it ASAP so you get a good seat. You will just be making reservations over the phone, and will pay when you get there. It is $10 cover + $15 food/drink minimum. We have been working on this cabaret for months and would love to have as much of you awesome people there as possible, so spread the word! It is a Saturday night, so plan a road trip, or bring your parents! We all cannot wait! And we are really hoping to see you all there! For more information please join our event group on facebook!

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