Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time is Flying.

Eek, updating this blog is not happening as often as I would like, and I honestly think it is because this tour is flying by and before I know it, we are moving cities and a week has gone by!

Right now we are in Durham, NC. It is such a nice little city. Today me and Matt biked 15 miles on the American Tobacco Trail! I know right?! 15 miles. And that is a lot for a serious wimp like me. We biked all the way to the Southpoint Mall which is really nice by the way and then biked all the way back. It was way intense! Like my legs right now still feel like jello and I am light headed and no matter what I eat, I am still starving! I feel so good though and healthy and strong! My legs are gonna kill tomorrow though. The funniest part though of the day was me slowing down and getting my foot stuck in my pedal and then falling in a big puddle of mud. I had to bike the rest of the way and hang out in the mall with mud all over my butt and side of my pants haha. I am just thankful it wasn't a puddle of water, now that would have sucked, cause at least the mud dried kind of quick.

Ok now let me back track. In Rochester, as you all know, we had a new cast member join the cast as a chair of rock, named Jesse Pardee! I am just so proud of our company for allowing Jesse's wish to be granted. If this is new to some of you, here is the article...

ROCHESTER, NY(Feb. 10, 2010) – Wish child Jesse Pardee, an eighteen-year-old from Camillus, NY diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, will be performing in the Spring Awakening national tour during the Friday, February 12 and Saturday, February 13 performances at the Rochester Auditorium Theatre. Pardee’s original wish was to audition for the Spring Awakening national tour. This wish was fulfilled on January 20, 2010 in NYC when she auditioned in front of the Spring Awakening creative team, which included the director, Michael Mayer, the music supervisor, Kimberly Grigsby, and the associate choreographer, JoAnn Hunter. The team was so impressed with her talent and personality that they invited her to perform in Rochester as part of her wish experience.

We got along with Jesse so much! She literally is so talented and just the sweetest girl in the world! She got to perform 3 shows, and it was a blast having her. By the end of the weekend, we were so sad to see her go! The girls had a wicked girls night and ate pizza and prank called the boys haha. We also got to hear a lot of Jesse's stories, and they were truly inspiring. I have never met someone with such bravery. I made a video about her journey with our show, and a hot minute with Steffi D and Jesse! Keep a look out on totally trucked for it!

In other news, the boys did a seriously disgusting Man V Food Pizza Challenge in Hartford on Sunday that still makes me nauscious when I think about it. It was featured on the show Man V Food and takes place at Randy's Wooster St. Pizza in Hartford. It is a 10 pound pizza that must be consumed by a team of two people in no more than an hour...and let me tell you, it was the biggest thing I have ever seen. Here is a picture of matt with the pizza. Notice how much bigger each slice is than his face...and imagine eating half of that.

Now the teams competing were Matt and Justin vs Jake and Ben...again look out for a totally trucked video to see just what happened with these boys tried to take on this monstrous 10 pound pizza...

Only 8 weeks left of the Spring Awakening Tour. It is so strange to think that I have almost been with the tour for 2 years now...and it will be over so soon. Ah how weird...We have had so many visitors over the past few weeks since we were up in the east coast. We got a visit from Henry Stram in Rochester which was so wonderful. I have never learned more about acting than all I learned from watching him every night. In Hartford we had Ben Moss, Julie Benko and Blake Daniel come and visit us which was great! Everyone looks so good and I loved being able to catch up with everyone. It was a trip down memory lane though, and made me miss them all so much. Anyway, try to catch the show before it's over! We would love to see you there!