Friday, February 12, 2010

Wisdom Teeth CHECK!

It happened. My teeth are out and I am actually feeling great! I cannot believe how painless the procedure was. I got them out last Tuesday, and now it has been a week and I am almost feeling back to normal! I won't lie, I was super scared. I got into that dentists room, and I was freaking out a bit. They hooked me up to the heart monitor, and I was creeped out kind of. My mom sat with me while they were putting me to sleep, and I did okay until they stuck the IV in me. Then it was Krystina panic mode time. My mom said my blood pressure shot up so high when that happened and I started crying a bit, and then I was like, "ok when am I gonna fall asleep, when am I gonna fall..." and I was out. It was the strangest feeling because it didn't even feel like I fell asleep, and I didn't have any dreams and I didn't even really wake up very tired. I just felt like I blacked out or something and then came back to life. Being put to sleep is probably the weirdest thing in the world. Anyway, I woke up with a very numb mouth and actually no pain, a little groggy from the meds, but I got to the car fine, and actually was pretty coherent all the way home. When I got home I immediately lay down and turned on the Food Network (duh) and I fell asleep for maybe like 30 minutes and then I was up and awake. I took my pain pills but I just ended up staying awake watching TV which I was not expecting. Most people say that the anastesia really knocks them out for hours after, but I didn't feel like sleeping at all. And like 5 hours later, I was up walking and talking and alright. I mean, yeah in pain, but not dying. I thought it was gonna be so much worst. I was supposed to miss all of Charlotte, but I felt so good that first day, I called my stage manager and got to meet back up with everyone Friday in Charlotte! I was so excited because I kind of felt wonky about missing an entire city and not ever knowing what it was like. (And I loved Charlotte by the way, such a cool little city with an amazing store called Revolution that I fell in love with).

Anyway, I spent the next few days eating lots of pudding and jello and mashed potatoes. I'll be honest, the worst part and pain about it that I felt was this weird ulcer cold sore thing in the back of my throat. I didn't know that was a common side effect after getting your wisdom teeth out, but a few people said they experienced the same thing. I guess it is from keeping your mouth open for so long in the surgery, but lemme tell you, it was the absolute worst thing ever!! It was so painful, like I couldnt' breath without it hurting because of the cold air. I couldn't even drink water for a few days without some serious pain in there. Of all things, I was afraid my teeth would hurt the most, but it was my throat that got all jacked up. After that went away and I got to Charlotte, things were on the up swing. The show was tough, especially Saturday actually, but when Sunday came, I was feeling a lot better and now I feel almost back to normal! I am barely taking any more medicine, and I was actually able to chew on the side of my mouth today (still with softer foods of course) All in all, the experience, was much less scary than I thought it would be and I recovered so quick. And I am serious, I think it is in big part to you guys! All of your stories really gave me a good positive ora and you guys truly helped me through it! Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences! You are all just the best!

krystina :)