Monday, January 25, 2010

Thea and Martha and Airports.

My dreams have come true. You guys, I have been jealous of all the swings because lately everyone has gotten the excitement and madness of slapping together some crooked braids/jank Wendla hair and running their butts on the stage mid-show, confusing the crap out of the entire audience. Well it has happened. Saturday night, I slyly took the place of a small asian in a gray dress named Thea. They didn't even know, I swear haha. Anyway, it was so exciting (minus the fact that Kimiks hurt her back) and the funnest ever! I was so ready! And my braids were not ever that crooked! I had the best time, and can now say that I have done what all swings either dread or wish for. It was a ball.

And now, I am sitting here in this airport, bored out of my mind, trying to find things to occupy me. Let's talk about the Martha action happening this week! Sarah is taking a few personal days so you will be seeing not one, not two, but THREE Martha Bessels. I will be going on Friday, the 29th! So if you can make it, come on out!

Now for some downer news. I need some serious uplifting words of wisdom (literally) from those of you that have gone through this heinous thing I have to deal with next week. Wisdom teeth. I am dreading it so much because a) I am a serious baby to pain b) I cannot grasp the fact that I am going to have trouble singing and talking for weeks and c) I just do not want to go through it! Cause I hate the dentist, I hate pain and gauze and blood and needles. And I am deathly afraid of being put to sleep. I never have, and I just don't know what to expect except that everyone says you don't even remember or realize that you are out. Which is freaky in it's own right. So I would love to hear some experiences (preferably only ones that will calm me lol) and how long your recovery took cause I do not know what to expect at all.

And the boredom begins again. It is only 1:46 and we do not get to Ft. Myers till 10pm. Today will officially mark the longest travel day on tour (We left the hotel at 10am) Thanks a lot delays in Philli. At least I am with the coolest people on earth. I'm sure we will find fun things to do. As I write, Ben with a reenactment of Mama Who Bore Me which was already reenacted by Chase. This should be fun after all. :)

Krystina :)


Kristen said...

my brother got his wisdom teeth out last summer and was back to normal in two days. he was a little crazy when he first got hime, just because the medication was still in his system. he was back to eating regular foods in two days. if you don't freakout about it, you'll be fine.
oh, and sometimes the drugs they give you for extra relief will make you seemlike you hurt longer. generally it's best to just pop a regular tylenol or advil. The drugs in the perscription will make you think you're hurting longer.
Good luck though!

Bekki said...

Hey Krystina. I got my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago, and my recovery process was short and painless. Hopefully yours will be too! The only part of being at the surgeon's office that I remember was in the recovery room right after surgery. I was extremely groggy and started speaking fluent Spanish (something I am definitely not capable of doing under normal circumstances haha).
Here are a few tips I found on that should help speed up your recovery and ease the pain:
-Don't lie flat. Prop your head up with pillows.
-Don't drink from a straw.

Good luck :-)

Alyce said...

I wish I was there to see all three swing Martha's!!! That'd just be the coolest thing ever.
I wanna share my wisdom teeth removal story with you. I had never been put to sleep before either. They just kind of put a mask over my mouth and told me to take deep breaths, and then when they gave me the shot, I could hardly feel it. I was asleep very soon over that. It felt like I was asleep for a very long time, even though I was told it had only been about ten minutes. I was so exhausted and I didn't even realize there was a bunch of gauze in my mouth until I was in the room they put me in afterward. Getting to the room was a challenge, I tripped over my feet about three times on a flat surface, even though a nurse was guiding me, and I just started sobbing because I was so confused as to why my legs and feet weren't working.
When my brother got his wisdom teeth removed though, he was still high off of the laughing gas and was hitting on all of the nurses in the recovery room, and doesn't remember it at all.
I pretty much laid on my couch, drank a lot of soup, watched a lot of movies and slept. I felt well rested the next afternoon, and was okay enough to walk around my house, and was fully out and about the next day.
My best recommendation is to follow the rules that they give you to a T. Take every medication when you're supposed to, because you can get really sick if you don't. Don't have anything with dairy for the first couple of days because it can upset your stomach, and don't drink out of a straw for two weeks because it'll mess up the stitches.

That was long, haha, but I wanted to share my experience with you. Good luck with your surgery, and break a leg this week!!
Love always, Alyce

Adara Bryan said...

Hi Krystina,
So I am a Vocal Performance/Musical Theatre major, and I totally understand your reservations about your wisdom teeth. My question to you is, are your teeth impacted? Because thats the only reason they should be putting you to sleep is if your teeth are impacted. When your teeth are impacted, sorry to get gross here, they have to cut into the gums to get them out because they are growing sideways. By completely putting you under it does make the recovery process longer, but it should not take weeks and weeks to getting back into singing shape. You do cut the recovery time significantly if they just do local anesthetics. I had three of my wisdom teeth removed about 3 years ago, and I was only in pain for about 3-4 days, they removed the stitches on the 5th day, and 1 week later I was back to my voice lessons. My teacher took it easy the first week, but by the second voice lesson back I was fine. Granted, this was all because I was NOT put under. So there are some questions to ask your dentist. Some dentists automatically put people under when they dont have to. Your wisdom teeth are in your mouth, and your mouth is all part of the mechanism that produces your voice, your instrument, your livelihood, your passion. Take care of it.


Jessica said...

Wisdom teeth! I got mine out on the 15th and I was TERRIFIED. I have such a low tolerance for pain and I also hate going to the dentist, I get freaked out just for a cleaning! I don't know exactly how you're getting it done, but I'll go through my experience.

I was flipping out and the dentist had given me some ativan to take a couple hours before I went and it didn't really calm me down at all, and I thought I was being put to sleep and then when we got to the denist office I was told I was just getting numbed, and I actually started to cry. It was so bad.

Then they numbed me and it was actually okay. My dentist is really good and was just talking to me casually so it felt really relaxed, so I can't say this is everyones experience but there was absolutely no pain during the removal, and I didn't have the grogginess of being put to sleep, and honestly there was hardly any pain afterwards, which I will chalk up to the drugs they give you, my mouth only felt a little stiff and sore, but really nothing more than when you, say, eat something really chewy and hard like caramel and your jaw just starts to get tired. Just rest a lot. Oh and suprisingly I didn't swell at all, or bruise, but I think that was because my dentist does it a certain way.

About 5 or 6 days after the removal the pain hit a litle bit and it feels sort of like a bad toothache, but it's not really that bad. And about a week after you get this little syringe thing that you use to clean food out of the little holes and that's good.

All in all, I was so worried about it and it wasn't that bad at all. I'm still healing and it's still a little sore and I still have to eat soft foods but it's not bad at all. And I don't really know what I can tell you about the singing because I'm not a professional singer, haha. But I don't really have any trouble singing, I just can't open my mouth as wide as normal so or a week or so I don't reccommend any of that crazy belting you do.

So that's my story. It'll be fine, I was just as scared as you are and it all worked out for me!

Good luck!

Laura said...

When I saw that you'd tweeted that you went on Saturday night in the middle of the show, my first thought was "Yaaay!" followed by "Ah! I hope kimiko's ok." I'm glad you got to have the experience. :) I really like you as Thea. I think you were Thea the third time I saw it in DC. Anyways, I was at the Saturday matinee show on stage left. It was my 6th time seeing the tour, and I had accepted that it was probably the last time I'd get to see you guys. Then, I got back to Columbus yesterday and discovered that you guys are in Detroit the week I finish school, so if I can convince my parents, maybe I'll get to see you guys again in May. :) As for wisdom teeth, I haven't had mine pulled and I only have 3... My friend, Stephanie, got hers out the first week of January and she had a lot of trouble, but I've also had a lot of friends who only felt bad for a day or two. My mom said she went to a party the same day she had her's pulled. So I really think it depends on each individual person. Hopefully you won't have too much pain and you'll be back to feeling up to everything soon!

Allie said...

Hey! So I got mine out not to long ago and before hand i was freaked i even cried when my orthodontist told me that i had to have them removed. I had never had surgery before and was abosolutely freaked at the idea of going under. But to my surprise it was not at all bad. You just all of sudden get sleepy and then fall into a deep slumber. When i woke up all i remember is trying to go back to sleep. It was not bad at all. The recovery wasn't bad either i couldn't take the vicodin they prescribed because it made me sick so i just took two tylenol every four hours on the dot. The first week was probably the worst and that was not even bad it was just spent sleeping. It is really important to follow the dentist instructions like no straws or sucking of any kind. Especially the first week it is important to just rest and let the healing happen. By the second week i was begging my parents to let me go outside and play basketball with some of my cousins. So honestly from the biggest baby ever it was not bad. Good Luck and I am sure you will be fine! =]

greatgoogamooga said...

I got mine out a week and a half ago. It hurts, and the bleeding is gross, but keep the prescription pain pills coming and lots of gauze and you'll be fine. Alternating hot and cold seemed to help the swelling. It ended up being not so bad. It was a nice excuse to lay around the house for a few days. My jaw's still a little sore, so singing has been at a minimum. :/ Anyway...I'm sure you'll be fine. :)

Rachel said...

Getting your wisdom teeth out isn't that bad at all, I promise! You won't remember anything about the operation (although you'll definitely feel kind of high right after, haha). It only took me about two days before I was completely back to normal. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wisdom teeth advice.

-Don't drink through a straw, but drink a lot. Water, gatorade and tea. Things that will bring back your energy. Pudding and Jello are amazing too. Soft foods until after you are off the pain meds.

-I know it maybe scary, but go under rather then just having them numb your mouth. Then you won't have to get over the mental picture of teeth being pulled. I did it both ways and will only be knocked out from now on.

-get off the pain meds as soon as you can and move on to over the counter stuff. What they gave me made me more tired and numb all over.

-Use something cold (but not ice) to help the swelling. And don't keep the area too cold. That can just bring on more issues when it warms up to normal.

-Sleep sitting up or with a bunch of pillows. Don't lay flat for about a week.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Erin K from STL.

Allison said...

I just got my wisdom teeth out, less than a month ago. And it was honestly, completely painless for me. The worst part of it was being sleepy and out of it. Take your medicine, get plenty of rest, and you'll be fine in a few days. I'm sure you'll be fine! Good luck with it!
Also, break a leg as Martha!!! I saw you as Ilse and you absolutely killed it. I'm sure you'll do just as great as Martha!!

Catherine said...

don't worry! I have the same fear also of being put to sleep, just the thought terrifies me! I got all four of mine out last year and really once the procedure was over I felt a little out of it and confused but went home slept for awhile due to the pain medications they put you on afterwards, woke up and felt a little sore. So, my dad gave me ice packs and seriously that is what is going to save you. Keep the ice packs on your mouth all day, I don't think I ever took mine off and I had absolutely no swelling. The day after surgery I really had no problems at all and was fully back to normal in two or three days afterward. But that's just me! Some of my friends had theirs out and were already eating hamburgers the same day! So I really thank it depends! Good luck and once it's over you will wonder why you were so nervous! Keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Caroline said...

hey krysina! i got my wisdom teeth out this summer and i was scared shitless (like you) and i hate not remebering what happened..and the whole thing just freaked me out. but if you eat pineapple the night before it helps with the pain (i just thought that was funny). but it really wasnt that bad at all. the only bad part was the recovery. mine was like a week. but i also refused to take the pain killers cause they made me feel disgusting, so i took one and then stopped. but it wasnt that bad. i just sat around and my friends brought me ice cream. just rent A LOT of movies!
you'll be fine!

p.s you were amazing in cinci this week. i went twice and im from Louisville. it was worth the drive. and i also meant to tell you there that you were my first ilse and you were soooo amazing!
haha thats all!

Michelle said...

Everyone else has pretty much summed up my own wisdom teeth experience, so I'll just wish you good thoughts to help with your nerves!

Krystina Alabado said...

You guys, thank you so so SO much! All of your stories have seriously eased my mind more than you know! I will definitely let you all know how it goes afterwards! The only thing I am excited about is the excuse to eat pudding and jello and ice cream for a week! I love it! (or maybe i wont after I actually do it lol) You guys are the best! :)

Leanne said...

I got my wisdom teeth out the Monday after Christmas. I was FREAKING OUT! My appointment was really early in the morning and I don't even remember going in to the office. It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. The only problem I had was with the anesthesia, but that's because it runs in my family. I ended up not even taking the pain pills the doctor prescribed me. I just took two advil every four hours and I was COMPLETELY FINE! It's no big deal. I had never been put to sleep or had my body cut open in any way so I had no idea what to expect. I went out with my friends the day after I got them out. The only problem I had was laughing, hahha so that made my friends try to make me laugh even more. Anyway, don't worry! You will be fine. It's just one tiny little thing that's over in a few days. :)

Stephanie said...

I was eating solid food after 2 days! It also must have been a good omen becuase there was a Ben and Jerry's below where I had mine out! :) It will be fine! Its an excuse to eat all the mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes you want. PLUS!Eating Starbucks frapps with a spoon is amusing! Its a great time to catch up on any TV you may have missed or viral vids out there. They give you meds so you will be fine. I didn't even have to use the "fun" meds becuase the tylenol type pills they give you work just fine. MOST IMPORTANTLY its a way to catch up on any lost sleep! Sending good vibes your way and can't wait to see you in Charlotte!

Tiffany said...

When I had my wisdom teeth out I was super nervous but in the end, the process ended up being not so bad. That was the first time I had ever been put to sleep and I was fine. They gave me laughing gas to relax me and then gave me the "sleeping medicine". I fell asleep pretty quickly. Then I just woke up, slightly confused about where I was (because I thought I was at home sleeping in bed) but once I realized I was the dental office, I was fine, just a little groggy. I didn't have any bleeding afterwards. I wouldn't recommended taking the pain medication they prescribe you unless you really need it. Tylenol/advil should be fine. I had a lot of soup and smoothies for the first few days but I was soon able to eat soft noodles and rice. I started eating normally after about 3-4 days and I wasn't swollen. I just had some bruising around my jaw. It should be fine. The recovery process is defintely not as long as I expected and the pain wasn't that bad at all. More just like a light throbbing.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl-I had my wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago, and everybody is right-the recovery is short. I'm not gonna lie, it's painful, but don't be afraid to medicate-and by that I mean take the pain meds for a day or so, and then take a regular pain reliever. Being put to sleep isn't so bad, but make sure you bring a pot or something with you-you might be allergic to the drugs they use to put you to sleep-and it's not uncommon for people to toss their cookies after it, so it's better to be prepared. (and I'm not trying to scare you-please share the benefit of my experience!)
For recovery-Just make sure to lie on some propped up pillows, DON'T drink through a straw, and take the time you need to rest. You'll do great!

Emily said...

My experience was similar to everybody else's...I didn't take the prescribed meds either (just advil), and I worked all day at a camp with tons of little kids 3 days after I got mine done. I actually started eating solid food (mainly soft bread) within a couple hours of getting mine out. My sister had a trouble with food, but after a few days she really wanted "real" food (or at least the taste of real food), so my mom put sloppy joes in the blender for her...nasty, but if you crave it, it works =P Praying for you! Good luck! And see you in Rochester =D

AnnaliaChristine said...

Krystina! Don't worry, my best friend Ashley got hers out (She is a singer too :)) It took about 2 weeks before she was able to sing without too much pain. Make sure you eat something with your painkillers though because she didn't eat much because it hurt, and constantly took tylenol, and got a stomach ulcer from it, so I am sure you obviously won't have that problem just though I would warn you! Hope all is well!
-Anna Hirsch