Monday, January 25, 2010

Thea and Martha and Airports.

My dreams have come true. You guys, I have been jealous of all the swings because lately everyone has gotten the excitement and madness of slapping together some crooked braids/jank Wendla hair and running their butts on the stage mid-show, confusing the crap out of the entire audience. Well it has happened. Saturday night, I slyly took the place of a small asian in a gray dress named Thea. They didn't even know, I swear haha. Anyway, it was so exciting (minus the fact that Kimiks hurt her back) and the funnest ever! I was so ready! And my braids were not ever that crooked! I had the best time, and can now say that I have done what all swings either dread or wish for. It was a ball.

And now, I am sitting here in this airport, bored out of my mind, trying to find things to occupy me. Let's talk about the Martha action happening this week! Sarah is taking a few personal days so you will be seeing not one, not two, but THREE Martha Bessels. I will be going on Friday, the 29th! So if you can make it, come on out!

Now for some downer news. I need some serious uplifting words of wisdom (literally) from those of you that have gone through this heinous thing I have to deal with next week. Wisdom teeth. I am dreading it so much because a) I am a serious baby to pain b) I cannot grasp the fact that I am going to have trouble singing and talking for weeks and c) I just do not want to go through it! Cause I hate the dentist, I hate pain and gauze and blood and needles. And I am deathly afraid of being put to sleep. I never have, and I just don't know what to expect except that everyone says you don't even remember or realize that you are out. Which is freaky in it's own right. So I would love to hear some experiences (preferably only ones that will calm me lol) and how long your recovery took cause I do not know what to expect at all.

And the boredom begins again. It is only 1:46 and we do not get to Ft. Myers till 10pm. Today will officially mark the longest travel day on tour (We left the hotel at 10am) Thanks a lot delays in Philli. At least I am with the coolest people on earth. I'm sure we will find fun things to do. As I write, Ben with a reenactment of Mama Who Bore Me which was already reenacted by Chase. This should be fun after all. :)

Krystina :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On The Road Again

Woo I missed Spring Awakening. Here we are in Hershey, PA, the sweetest city in US. It's only been a week, and I may never eat another piece of chocolate again (I say that until tomorrow, when I see a piece of chocolate...cause I love it haha). Hershey has been so fun and snowy! It is great to slowly get back into the swing of things here on tour. The show is going wonderfully and the audiences are starting to pick up here which is great. We have a new bass player named Alan who is super fierce, so if you see him at stagedoor, say hello! Everyone is back and raring to go!

With all the craziness the last few days of tour, I didn't even get to talk about our last hurrahs and my Wendla-ness! So the last weekend in Denver, our entire cast and band, and I'm talking all 30 of us crammed into my hotel room for...Secret Santa!! As everyone was piling in, I thought to myself, "uh-oh...this may fall apart cause it is too crammed" but it ended up being a huge success! We blasted Christmas music, overloaded on Christmas candy, and just hung out together on our last night! I was Chase's secret santa and I got him a South Park flip calendar for his dressing room and a Rocko's Modern Life t-shirt! I fooled him! My secret santa was none other than the amazingly talented Ben Lively and I guessed on the first try!! He got me this Christmas iPhone cover and all this extravagant Christmas candy (he knew how much I loved the holiday!!) Everyones gifts were so thoughtful, and it was the greatest way to spend our last day together. Not to mention that I got to be Wendla Berg for those two shows! It was a blast getting to go on again! Poor Christy though with those sucky stitches! She is strong, cause I would have been such a wreck if I had to get stitched...anyway, the shows went great! It was cool getting to do Wendla for my 4th and 5th times, because I actually started feeling a bit more comfortable in the role. Of course, I will never be 100% comfy in any of my roles, that is the life of a swing, but I felt like I was starting to understand the art of going on for Wendla, but still hinted with that crazy nervous energy of going on! I also figured out my favorite part about going on as Wendla besides Mama Reprise (Mama Reprise no matter what role I'm on for is just the absolute best part of the show. It is insane) is the Mama/Wendla scene in the second act. I love LOVE working with Angie Reed, our Adult Woman. She has been an inspiration to me since day one, so having the honor of acting with her on stage is just amazing. She pulls it out of me, and each time I go on, that small scene is my favorite part of it all. It was a blast, but the best part was that I kept my Wendla hair in for the Secret Santa BUT I changed out my Wendla clips to these red/greensparkly and jingle-belly hair clips from Claire's. It was the best.

I am starting a new book section of this blog! I read so much and I figured it would be a good way to exchange book ideas with you fellow bookworms out there! At the moment, I am reading a few things. I am in the middle of reading the Gossip Girl series. I love the show, so I figured I'd try out the books, and I am really enjoying them for the most part. They are totally different from the show, which at first was bugging me a lot, but now, it's almost like they are two completely different series, and I love them both! Plus I get to see the characters take all these different paths, which is kind of neat when comparing the show to the books. I am also reading the novel Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates that the movie with Leo and Kate was based on and I am in love with it. It is so good and really keeping my attention. That is my trouble with books is that if I start to lose interest or get bored, I cannot finish it. I have kind of a short attention span, so it's important for me to have books I know will keep me in it! I would love any and all recommendations from you guys on what to read because I am always buying new books and looking for new great one's to read!

Let's talk cake. Mary Banderick. This woman is one of my mothers friends from when I was a little teeny baby and she is an incredibly talented baker and chef extraordinaire! She lives in the city of Topsfield, just outside of Boston, and is looking for business! She does everything from Wedding Cakes, to Birthday Cakes, to high fashion cupcakes! If you are looking for a show-stopping yummy dessert for a party and live in or around the Boston area, please give her a call or e-mail. She also is a brand new Tweeter! Follow her on twitter if you can HERE to see all her spectacular desserts!

Opening night of Cininnati today! Yesterday was a crazy day! I took a train early in the morning to NY, ran around the city and then hopped on a late flight to Cincinnati with Steffi, Krista, and Kimi with a connection. So lots of traveling, but the trip was totally worth it. This is hillarious, we actually were on the flight with "actors" from the Jerry Springer show! I had no idea that it was all scripted, so I felt pretty stupid. They were funny and told us all about the behind the scenes of the show. Anyway, I'm totally excited to be here and cannot wait for tonight!

krystina :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year, I sure did. My New Year was low key , but super fun. I got to spend it at my grandmothers house, celebrating with my family, eating posole (a Mexican stew that is oh sooooo yummy!) and hanging out with my baby cousin Ariana. She basically made me play horsies for like 3 hours. haha So my 2010 New Years resolutions...

1) Of course, stay fit and in shape. Gym at least every other day, no matter how tired I am.
2) Keeping my blog, facebook, and website much more up to date :)

3) Keeping in touch with old friends from home more than I do.

4) And again, a no brainer, staying really positive!

What are all your New Year's resolutions? I wish you all the best of luck in this New Year!! I feel good about 2010. My 2009 was incredible, so I can only imagine what '10 is gonna bring. I have made such amazing friends and relationships, and have learned and grown so much as a performer. I am so happy to start fresh this year, and cannot wait to see what it will bring!

Krystina :)