Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving at Disneyland!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope everyone had a yummy time with a thankful heart and an over stuffed belly. Thanksgiving was a blast in SA land because...we went to Disneyland!!!! As some of you know, I have two favorite things in the world...Christmas and Disneyland...and for the first time in my entire life, I got to experience them both at the same time because Disneyland was completely decorated and themed for Christmas!! It was a very magical day indeed, I actually was able to find a Thanksgiving dinner at the park! I had turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing and pumpkin pie, and it was pretty good! We went on a bunch of fun rides and I bought these super cute red sequined minnie ears with a green bow and mistletoe on them! So after the park, we headed back to the OC and did our show, which was surprisingly sold well! It was hard not spending Thanksgiving with my family for the second year in a row, but my family out here on the road sure makes it easier. My mom already said she is going to make me a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner when I get home, so I am definitely looking forward to that. :)

Now we are here in Denver where it is literally FREEZING but I am loving it. I am a big desert girl, being born in Phoenix and all, so it is still so wonky for me to see snow all over the place! I am having my first ever White Christmas and it is amazing! I love walking around with snowflakes in my hair and sipping hot chocolate because it is actually cold and seeing my breath! Denver has been fun so far and very full of the Holiday spirit! Just this weekend, we saw the annual Christmas Parade of Lights that Denver has and it was so awesome. My toes felt like they weren't there anymore by the end, but it was so worth it! We also just had our Spring Awakening Holiday dinner on last Sunday after the show, and that was a huge success. Everyone got dressed up and we had a nice meal, and took some great pictures and, of course, danced the night away. And then on our day off, we all got the pleasure of having a wonderful party and dinner at Angie's parents house here in Denver and it was just the best. It made me want to go home so much, and it was such a great time to spend with each other. Their whole house was so warm and cozy and completely decorated for Christmas...which was just the greatest. The food was yummy, and the night ended with a whole lot of karaoke singing. Me and Ben Fankhauser's rendition of Rainbow Connection however, may have been the best performance of the evening haha.

We only have 4 shows left of the 2009 run of Spring Awakening, and I think it is so weird! I am happy to be back from New York to finish out this year and then on Monday I get to go home for Christmas! I cannot wait!

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i hope you're catching up on so you think you can dance!!