Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween and Wendla Pictures!

Halloween was a huge success!! As was the last couple weeks! I'm here in Sacramento, watching the weather get colder and colder, and really starting to get in the holiday spirit!! So I'll start with Halloween! Our party was the funnest! Everyone's costumes were so creative! We had Lady Gaga come by, Hello Kitty, some grim reapers, Steffi D, a Snuggie, Max from Where the Wild Things Are, Dead Ophelia, Dora the Explorer (me haha), The Chair of Rock, a Gypsy and so many others! It was a super fun night. We had our party in this spooky old hotel room in the hotel we were staying at with wooden floors and lots of decorations (and of course too much candy!) A few nights before that we had the pleasure of seeing American Idiot! Our producers and director are the same for that show so they had us all come over to see it and what a show it was! I was blown away by the whole thing. It was like watching a long music video. I was very moved by some parts and wanted to jump up and start rocking out at others. If you get a chance to see American Idiot, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is a brilliant piece of art, and I am so thankful I got to see it!

Onto other things, last week I got to spend a few shows being Wendla Bergmann and I had the best time! I am so happy that I got another chance to play the role because as you all know I have gone on one on once before, but this time, I got to do it twice! Being able to do the show twice was such a treat because I got to really find myself in the part and relax into it. I thought my shows went really well, and I just felt so happy the whole time. Of course a few things were iffy, but that is the life of being a swing...every time you go on, something new surprises you. Which is why it is so exciting! And of course I couldn't have done it without the complete support of my cast. I felt so safe stepping onto the stage because I knew that they would catch me if I fell. It was my first time going on with Jake and I really enjoyed performing with him. That day is one I will never forget! And here are the long promised pictures! I actually had my camera with me this time around being Wendla! Thanks to everyone for all your supportive and nice comments that day. It meant so much to me! :)
krystina :)