Monday, October 12, 2009


Oh man this week has flown by and been super crazy busy! Sorry for the lack of updating, but I'm still catching up with the fact that Milwaukee is already over and am now chilling out in good ol' Kansas City!

Last week was just the greatest. I truly missed being on tour and performing this show! But it was intense, that's for sure. We went non-stop from last Friday till now with a bunch of rehearsals, press, and shows and it's been a whirlwind. Milwaukee was a great stop though and a wonderful start for the tour. We all had such a lovely time together as a cast along with welcoming our two newest members, Justin my swing partner and Pinkie our new viola-ist with lots of after-show meals, a fun girls night, and a white t-shirt party to finish off Milwauks which is a party we will all never forget. I love being back with my second family. It feels so safe and right, and as I tweeted earlier in the week, it is the strangest feeling arriving at a hotel room thinking, "home sweet home" (I think I have been on tour for too long haha) My favorite part about Milwaukee was definitely...the cheese. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE cheese. I could eat it for every meal. Seriously. And in any form. It is just the best thing ever, so only naturally would I love Milwaukee! We went to this incredible cheese place right by the theatre that literally had the best cheese curds I have ever eaten. I'm sad that cheese curds only exist in some places in the US. The only other stop so far on tour that I have run into them was in Seattle. Hm. Anywho, if you haven't tried cheese curds and are a cheese lover, take my advice. Find a cheese curd and eat it. :)

krystina :)


Anonymous said...

Krystina, apparently you and Justin were a convincing couple. On Sunday in Milwaukee my friend and I were sitting next to you and we're sorry to say we knew (because we picked our seats to be by you folks!), but my mother was across the aisle and even though she knew there would be ensemble members, she didn't even suspect you two. She said her thought process was, "That girl's pretty. The guy is cute too -- they look like a cute couple. ...hey, weren't we supposed to be here at 6 sharp? They weren't outside..." Even then it didn't hit her until Touch Me ;)

That night is still blowing my mind -- thanks for peppering it with your lovely ensemble vocals and rocking out ;P

Adam said...

Just saw your performance in SJ today, and you all rocked!

And two other important notes:
- Try poutine in Montreal or Quebec. If you love cheese curds, you will go into a happy food coma with poutine!
- Tell Kimiko that the video links on her web site are broken.

Have a great rest-of-tour, and hope you enjoyed the bay area :)