Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freckleface Strawberry

Hey guys! Alright this week has been unreal! I've seen some incredible shows, and actually worked on something new which is pretty awesome! So this week I got the pleasure of seeing "Next To Normal", "Hair" and "South Pacific" and I loved them all. N2N was just breathtaking. That show is so real and the performances are unbelievable. It was such a moving piece of theatre, and it was very emotional...I cried a lot haha. Hair was the perfect show to see after N2N because it was such an upbeat fun show. I would love to be in Hair, it looks like the funnest show to be in! I had never seen it before, and was also very moved by the message, and just had the best time watching the cast. We also ran up on stage at the end and danced around like hippies! I didn't even know you could do that! And last night, was South Pacific where I watched the amazing Todd Cerveris whom I've been working with for the past year sing "There is Nothing Like a Dame!!!!" and I loved it! Todd was so hillarious and awesome in the show and Lincoln Center is the bomb. I had not seen a show there before, and I throughouly enjoyed it.

Now onto some exciting news, while I've been here in NY, I actually got to be part of a reading of a
brand new musical, "Freckleface Strawberry" based on the book, and I had the greatest time working and creating with that project. I played the role of Dora, who is one of Freckleface Strawberrys BFF's. The show is about a little girl named Strawberry who has a face and body full of freckles and the way she deals with being different. The story is so cute and really had a great message, that everyone is different, and it doesn't matter. The cast and creative team was wonderful, and I got to work with some B-way Spring Awakening alums too! We rehearsed for 2 days and then performed it for a small audience, including the writer of the book "Freckleface Strawberry" Julianne Moore! It was an incredible experience and am so thankful that the timing was perfect because of this layoff from Spring which is now almost over! In just a few days, we are all reunited in Milwaukee to start up on rehearsals for the show! It will be an exciting year, and I'm getting pumped!

krystina :)

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Michelle said...

Is that Alice, Eryn, and Jesse I spy in the cast picture? Glad you got to be a part of the reading, and we're all looking forward to the tour starting up again!