Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freckleface Strawberry

Hey guys! Alright this week has been unreal! I've seen some incredible shows, and actually worked on something new which is pretty awesome! So this week I got the pleasure of seeing "Next To Normal", "Hair" and "South Pacific" and I loved them all. N2N was just breathtaking. That show is so real and the performances are unbelievable. It was such a moving piece of theatre, and it was very emotional...I cried a lot haha. Hair was the perfect show to see after N2N because it was such an upbeat fun show. I would love to be in Hair, it looks like the funnest show to be in! I had never seen it before, and was also very moved by the message, and just had the best time watching the cast. We also ran up on stage at the end and danced around like hippies! I didn't even know you could do that! And last night, was South Pacific where I watched the amazing Todd Cerveris whom I've been working with for the past year sing "There is Nothing Like a Dame!!!!" and I loved it! Todd was so hillarious and awesome in the show and Lincoln Center is the bomb. I had not seen a show there before, and I throughouly enjoyed it.

Now onto some exciting news, while I've been here in NY, I actually got to be part of a reading of a
brand new musical, "Freckleface Strawberry" based on the book, and I had the greatest time working and creating with that project. I played the role of Dora, who is one of Freckleface Strawberrys BFF's. The show is about a little girl named Strawberry who has a face and body full of freckles and the way she deals with being different. The story is so cute and really had a great message, that everyone is different, and it doesn't matter. The cast and creative team was wonderful, and I got to work with some B-way Spring Awakening alums too! We rehearsed for 2 days and then performed it for a small audience, including the writer of the book "Freckleface Strawberry" Julianne Moore! It was an incredible experience and am so thankful that the timing was perfect because of this layoff from Spring which is now almost over! In just a few days, we are all reunited in Milwaukee to start up on rehearsals for the show! It will be an exciting year, and I'm getting pumped!

krystina :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

NY Week One!

This past week in NY has been such a ball. I love this city so much, and living here for these 4 weeks just makes me even more anxious and excited to live here permanently after the tour! So me and Gabby settled in our apartment and are enjoying the company of the cat that lives here, Herman. I have never had a cat (minus when I was super little) only a dog, but I thought this would be a good test to whether or not I am a cat person. It is official now. I am, and forever will be a dog person. Herman is cute and all, but I don't know, cats kind of creep me out. It may be due to my past with cats. When I was 8, these cats used to fight and freak out at three in the morning outside my window and I was so terrified at the noises they were making that I would wake up and could not move from my bed to get my dad so I would sit there, crying until finally the sounds woke up my parents. They would hiss and cry and flip out for hours, and in a big, dark, room, all by myself, it was pretty much the most frightening thing in the world haha. I don't know...I just feel like they are always plotting an attack, like to hunt or kill me or something. Their eyes say it all. But I mean, Herman is pretty chill, super cute, and very cuddly, and he definitely relieved himself on the floor the other day which was not very fun...haha but me and Gabs are really comfy in our apartment just enjoying the city, and loving all the visitors we get! We have been reunited with Sarah, Lucas, Anthony, and Kimiko so far! We all went out the other night, and caught up. I miss everyone! This week we should be expecting Matt and Kayla! Yay for SA being in NY!

I saw two shows last week, "Mary Poppins" and "Burn The Floor" and they were both so much fun! But can I just say, "Burn The Floor" was the most amazing thing ever. For those who don't know about it, it is a limited engagement at the Longacre Theatre and it is a "ballroom dance on fire" show. The dancers were fierce, and it really got me and Anthony wanting to get up and shake our things! I liked Mary Poppins, but what made me just go "umm what?!!" were all of the effects. How the heck did she pull all that stuff out of her bag?? Kudos Disney, even at age 20 you are still wowing me with the magic that you create on and off stage.

I have also had a blast getting my body back into dancer shape. I've basically been taking dance classes almost everyday, trying to kind of catch up and get back into the mode. It is kind of a slap of reality, because I took off a year of dance for this show, and my body is yelling at me now. I am so sore that I don't think I can take class for a few day! But you dancers can attest, being sore feels great!

One last thing, while I was home, my amazingly talented sister, Julianna Alabado took new headshots and fun pictures for me. And here is a quickpreview. There arelots of fun ones that Ill start posting periodically, but here are a few. She has taken basically all of pictures I use of my blog, facebook, and website (with the exception of my professional headshots in the black shirt) Shoutout for her! If you are in or around Arizona and are looking for a photographer for headshots, senior pictures, etc, contact my sister! I will post her contact information in a few weeks once we get her facebook page up and running!
krystina :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So far this vacation has been so wonderful! I spent the first week in Charleston seeing the sights, and it was such an amazingly beautiful city. (above is a picture of the sunset...umm gorgeous!) My favorite part of that trip was getting to see all the places one of my favorite movies, "The Notebook" was filmed, especially when we spent the day at Cyprus Gardens (the part where they are in the boat with all the birds, video up soon!) and got to actually take out our own boat! It was so magical cause it was like the movie! I also got to walk around downtown where they lay in the street, the restaurant Noah see's Ally with her fiance, and the movie theatre they go on their first date! Anyway, enough rambling about The Notebook (though I could all day). I loved loved Charleston so much. The city was so quaint and elegant and so old-fashioned almost that it made me feel like I was in a movie. We spent a lot of time downtown which was fun because I had liked walking around the market which was basically this long stretch of street with a bunch of vendors selling things they make. I bought this adorable butterfly ring. So other than that, we walked along the Cooper River Bridge (i think that's what it's called) and saw a great view of the city and had a beach day like none other. You Californians can attest to this ; I have never really been to the Atlantic Ocean until then and I was shocked in such a good way because the water was luke-warm. It was amazing! I'm used to the year-round freezing cold California Pacific water that you always have to take a while to get used to and are still always chilly. But for the first time, I got to swim in the water, like all the way in, diving in waves. It was the best because the beach is one of my favorite places so I was a happy camper! My last day there, we ran into Claire who is now going to the College of Charleston. We got to hang out with her and her sister and visit her bf at the Citadel where he goes to school and she showed us her dorm! (Totally Trucked video soon!) All in all my trip to Charleston was such a fun one! And I would love to go back again!

After Charleston, I flew home to Arizona where I was welcomed by 115 degree weather with no breeze. I had a great time being home. It was nice to just relax and kick back for a second cause we have been going going going for so long. I took some voice lessons, and talked to my old high school, my siblings high school, and my old youth theatre VYT about the business and it was great. My time home was nice, my parents threw me a belated b-day party and my whole family came over. It was awesome to see everyone because I missed them all so bad. Family is very important to me, and one of the hardest parts about touring is being away from them, so seeing everyone was perfect. I also got to sit in on my sisters rehearsals. Right now she is playing Lucy in "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" and she was seriously fierce. I'm so proud of her!! I also got to go Swing Dance which I have missed incredibly since I've been out on the road. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE swing dancing and have been for about 7 years. So going out and dancing was the best!! Here is a pic of me and my younger brother and sister (They are tall right??)

We have about four weeks left of this vacation, and now I am enjoying the remainder of that in NY auditioning, taking class and seeing shows. I am very happy here, but can't wait for the show to start up again! I miss it!

krystina :)