Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodbye Originals!

Leaving tour was very...difficult to say the least. Not only was I dealing with the fact that I was going to have no Spring in my life for two months, but also that it truly was the end of our Original Cast Era. We lost Blake, Ben, Henry, Julie, Claire (again), and Todd. I cannot even express the feeling of performing that last and final show with them. It was such an intense mix of emotions from nostalgia, to sadness, to tears, to happiness and laughter. Looking around the stage that last day was such an incredible feeling, and so sad because of the life that we have all lived together for the past year. That last show is a moment that I will never forget in my life because I caught each persons eye, and we all knew how the other was feeling, and we all understood the other and knew that this year was one that we will never EVER forget. It was a life changing experience for all of us, and we did it together. We grew up as people and as artists and created this piece of beauty together from scratch. And as I looked at the people staying with me, it was a mixture of sadness but such excitement for what is coming next. The next year of tour will be so different, but such fun with all these new faces, and in the end, a completely different and fresh show with Taylor, Kayla, Ben, John, David, and Justin. And how exhilarating to think of the new memories and experiences we will have with all of the incredibly talented and insanely amazing new cast members. My favorite moment of our last show was Totally Fucked. The entire song started as this insane release of all the emotions that we had been feeling for the past week, so we channeled it into this incredibly high energy TF. But what made the hot pot of water boil over was when Henry screamed "Melchior Gabor! For the LAST time!" and from then on, that was it. For those of you who saw TF you can bare witness, and for those of you who didn't, just imagine. Number one, if made us all smile when we heard Henry say that, and number two, it made the animal come out of each of us. The stomping was harder, the jumping was higher, the spinning was faster, and the singing was louder. It was just this explosion of emotions that we all let out on stage together, and there is no better way then letting it all go in Totally Fucked! It was so much fun!! So all in all, the show was a beautiful one that I will always remember. Purple Summer came and it finally hit us that that was it. No more original cast and it was hard, but we all knew that no matter what, we would always hold the memories and good times we had from this past year and never forget the experience that we had.

So after the show, we all went
home to get all spruced up for our goodbye celebration which was a Cruise on Lake Michigan that took us out for an amazing view of the Chicago skyline! (Let me give a shout out to all the party planners of this world...umm it is a stressful job. This was my first party I planned for the tour, and it was hard, but turned out fantastic!) The party was so much fun. There was great food, lots of dancing and everyone had a wonderful time together. It was a really fun way of ending the first leg of the tour because we were all there, old and new. We took lots of pictures and just relaxed with an amazing view of Chicago! And everyone looked so fancy and amazing that night!

In closing, I would just like to say goodbye and good luck to Blake, Ben, Julie, Henry, Todd, Claire, and Perry! I know that these six people will go on to do amazing things, and I just want you all to know how much I learned from each of you, and that I love you guys so much.

krystina :)


Hannah said...

I know exactly how you feel about letting all of the emotions run wild on stage. That happened to me a few years back and there is no better way to explain it then to either be a part of it or witness it.

P.S. what about perry?????

Anonymous said...

I was sitting, not next to you, but the next seat over for the closing show. It really was an amazing experience even from an outsider's perspective. And, just for the record, I really did feel like I was in the middle of some kind of earthquake during Totally Fucked. It was great. :)

Michelle said...

After seeing you guys perform at a few different tour stops over the past year, I wish I could have been at that last show in Chicago, and I was definitely thinking of the cast that night. But like you said, the next leg of the tour will bring a new spark to the show, and many more good times :)

Jenny said...

Gosh, I've got goosebumps! I wish I could've been there that last night to feel that energy, but I still got to see you during the Chicago run. While I'm going to really miss the ones that are leaving, I'm excited to see the energy the newbies are going to bring!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

omg i know exactly how you feel now. I hate something like that. at the day of the last performance I was thinking of the cast that night. and I was very sad. But I think the new cast members are awesome too :). I never saw you perfom but I hope that I can do that before the Tour ends.<3

Love, Anna-Lena ♥

Lisa said...

Oh wow. I wish I could have seen that. It sounds amazing and so empowering. The way you described it almost made me cry. Amazing. And I'll miss the people who are leaving so incredibly much, but I bet you'll miss them more. But don't worry, you'll probably see them all again in some way.

heytheremeranda said...

I was at the last show in Chicago and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. We drove 6 hours to see it and believe me it was worth every bit.

As soon as Mama Who Bore Me started my friend leaned over and whispered, "I'm already crying". It was such an emotional show as an audience member so I could only begin to imagine what it was like for you all.

Best of luck to you and rest of the cast with the coming year, you all are so inspiring and some of the most amazing and talented people I have seen and perform.


Meg said...

I'll miss the OTC (Original Tour Cast) very much! Thank goodness I got to see all of you (plus Claire as Thea!) before you all left. I'll miss Ben and Blake, Julie and Perry the most. And Henry, of course (he's the best Adult Men in my opinion). TF must've been incredible that night! Sorta like Kyle's last show, in that bittersweet way :-)