Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cabaret Re-cap!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the cabaret! It was a huge success! We had an amazing turn-out with a wonderfully enthusiastic crowd and raised over $4000 dollars for Make-A-Wish! We are so happy that it turned out so well! The night was super fun, and I had such an amazing time watching all of my fellow cast-mates perform their songs. It is so much fun for us to see each other do something other than Spring Awakening for once! I performed "Never Neverland" by Scott Alan and I had a wonderful time singing it. I just feel such a connection to that song because the story for me of it is so true to how I feel about my childhood and growing up!

Chicago so far is a blast! We are in a perfect area with lots to do and the city is just gorgeous with the river and everything. My birthday is coming up this Friday the 7th and I am so excited! It's weird though because in just one day, I will no longer be a teenager. It's kind of sad because I love being a teenager and now I will be in my twenties...eww. But oh well. I will embrace the fact that I am turning into a big girl now. But I will always be a little girl at heart. Definitely. I don't know that I'm doing for my birthday yet but I am excited that I get to celebrate it here in the Windy City. This is my SECOND birthday on tour which is insane!! I turned 19 this time last year when we were in San Diego! It was our first day of tech rehearsal and our company was still so new and didn't even really know each other yet! They got me these beautiful birthday cakes and the whole cast took me out to a really nice dinner! I actually posted about it my blog here! I cannot believe that it was an entire year ago! It truly feels like just yesterday! This tour is going by so fast. Looking back at this past year just makes me realize how much I've grown up and how much I've experienced out here, and the incredible relationships and friendships I have made that will last for the rest of my life. I am so thankful that I get to spend another birthday with my Spring Awakening family, and best friends out here on the road. To another year of fun, growing, and loving!

krystina :)

PS: Snaps to Cristina O'Connell for posted this awesome quality video! Thank you so much Cristina! You rock!!


Katie said...

Krystina...your song from the cabaret was beautiful! I so wish I could've gone!

When are you going to tell us about Europe??? I want to go so bad and can't wait to hear about your experiences! :)

Happy birthday!

Cristina said...

You're so incredibly welcome, girl! :D The cabaret was fantastic, I'm glad to hear you're having fun out there!

Anonymous said...

wahh Krystina.the song was amazing.your voice is beautiful.<3
oh and I hope you have a great birthday party tomorrow --> Happy Birthday :)

xoxo ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

The Silent Man said...

Hi There

Just Surfing from blog to blog...

Then I stopped and watched your video... I´m just amazed by your sweet and warm voice. I´m afraid I´m going to follow your work..:)

If you want to take a view to mine ( would be a pleasure to show you.

Best Regards from Spain