Monday, July 27, 2009

"Season For Dreaming" Cabaret!

Alright so we are having a benefit cabaret this Thursday July 30 in Washington DC. All proceeds from the event go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It is kind of short notice, so we are trying to spread the word as fast and efficiently as possible! The cabaret will be at 10:30pm at the Town Danceboutique here in DC. Tickets are $10 and can be bought at the door. If you guys can come out, you wont regret it I promise! Almost every cast member will be performing a song all doing with our theme "Season For Dreaming". I will be singing Scott Alan's "Never Neverland (Fly Away)!! The night will be such a blast! There will be a bunch of performances by the cast and band and then we will be auctioning of gift baskets and signed props and posters from the show along with other merchandise. Again, all proceeds will go straight to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Make-a-Wish Foundation in a non-profit organization, established in 1980, which serves children with life-threatening and terminal medical conditions. Its mission is to grant singular wishes to these children in the hope of fulfilling their seemingly impossible dreams and enriching their lives.

Please help make this night a success! Not only will it be fun and entertaining, but you will be helping out those children in need, and making their wishes come true! Don't miss out!

krystina :)


Grace said...

Ahh I would drop everything and go if I weren't leaving for Toronto that day :(

On another note, I absolutely LOVE that song! Have fun at the cabaret and I hope you're liking DC!

Anonymous said...

Hi Krystina,

I just got your invite for the event.

Sadly in LA.

But I was wondering in regards to the auction items, would it be possible for people online to bid on them as well?


Helen said...

Is that a Gilmore Girls DVD I see as the letter "O" in season? If so, Krystina you just got about a billion more times cooler than you were already were to me. Now your a billion squared cool. Excuse my nerdiness.

alycemurphy said...

Love the collage-esque poster! It looks really nice.

I wish I could be there, but hopefully videos will be made!

Hope you're enjoying DC.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Wish I could go. Put stuff up on youtube for those of us who live no where near DC?

Any chance of a last cabaret or something in Chicago? ;)

Irene said...

Sucks living in Guam....I'm so far away from everything!

ATUgirl said...

I'm so sorry I can't go. I was going to, but then they announced the age limit. I hope y'all do amazingly!