Thursday, June 11, 2009


Good morning!

I am now officially on Twitter!!! I did not understand that thing for a loooooong time, but now I love it! The only thing I still don't understand is the whole @KrystinaAlabado thing. What is that? Are those comments to me like my wall or messages or something? How do I do that to someone else? 

Please follow me on twitter!!

krystina :)


Madison said...

So, after using twitter for about a month and not understanding what people were writing; I gave up, googled, and found this website-

Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Haha, the @replies are kind of like comments, yeah. Just people replying to what you've said. :) Or simply aiming a comment toward you. That's all.

Amanda Lynn said...

@ are replies to you, yes, like comments.
You can reply to them if you hover over the message and click the little arrow OR if you write @whatever-their-name-is. Like replies to you are @KrystinaAlabado, replies to Ben would be @bkm0905 etc. :D

Krystina Alabado said...

ohh thanks guys!! That really helps a lot!

heytheremeranda said...
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heytheremeranda said...

Yeah the @replies to you is basically like a message or comment that someone wants you to see. If you wanted to @reply that person you could either type out their name (mine for example would be @heytheremeranda and it would should up on my twitter that you sent me a message/comment) Or if you click on the person who @replied there should be an arrow on their picture or display image and you'd just click that and than type whatever to them.

Im such a loser. Haha.

Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

So Krystina, I love that you give us actual blog updates. I was wondering if you could use your pull with Matt to make him update his blog? Please?