Saturday, June 6, 2009

Part Two. The Ilse Experience.

I can't believe it is over. My six shows flew by so quick! I honestly had the time of my life being able to play Ilse in Spring. I learned so much about myself as an actor and about performing, and I am so thankful that I did. My last night as Ilse which was Wednesday here in Louisville was the most insane show ever, and I am ecstatic that I was a part of it. So I was on as Ilse, Lukie was on as Melchi, and it was Krista's first show in the chair of rock so energy was already high. But, to add on to that, we had like the best audience we've had in a while. They were laughing hysterically and cheering like crazy after everything. They were so appropriate with the way they acted because sometimes when we have audiences like that, although they are so much fun and loud, they will laugh at the beating scene, and sometimes hoot and hollar after Left Behind. But this crowd was enjoying themselves and having a great time, but was also so smart. They laughed at the lines that most of the time go over audiences heads and there was dead silence after LB. No applause which was so beautiful along with no laughing in Beating. It was awesome. As performers, we naturally will feed into that energy coming from the audience, so that show for us was very high in energy and super fun. I ran on for my scene in act 2 and I could already feel that I was going to be an emotional wreck. The funny thing about being a swing is that you never really know if that will be the last time you get a chance to play that role, so that is how I treated it, even though the opportunity may arise again on tour. I gave every last ounce of what I had that night and it was an amazing experience up there. I was really connected to Blake and I rocked the hell out in DDS/BW. My hair was everywhere, on my mic, in my mouth, all across my face. It felt incredible, and hearing that huge applause after the song for some reason killed me and I immediately broke down and could not stop. It was a moment that I will never forget on stage, because at that moment, I realized that this life I am living is something that is so irreplaceable and some of the best times I will ever have. At that moment, I felt the most vulnerable I have ever felt on stage and in front of that many people. I let go of all inhibitions and let everyone in, and it taught me so much about myself as an actor. Thank you to everyone that I was able to share these experiences with as Ilse, and for all the well wishes and positive thoughts. I will never forget it. 

Ok enough with mushy stuff. Here are some pictures from my run!!

Krystina :)

PS: My heel feels so much better thank goodness. At least now I will have a permanent scar to remember Spring Awakening!! Haha. 


Michaela said...

Thats so beyond fantastic, Krystina! I wish beyind anything I could have been there, and I'm gonna try to catch you guys in Philly or DC. But that whole thin sounds absolutely incredible and I'm really glad you got to have that experience. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to go on as Wendla soon! Best of luck, and keep rocking out =)
All my best,

Michaela (the girl who sat next to you during your last time in BB7 in Boston) <3

heytheremeranda said...

That's so awesome that you had such a great experience as Ilse. Again when I saw you you did such an amazing job and I loved everything about the way you portrayed the character of Ilse.

And you even have a Spring Awakening battle wound to remember your run as Ilse by! Haha.

Best of luck with rest of the tour and hopefully I will get to see you again!!


Anonymous said...

So beautifully written. Good luck in the future and I'll hopefully see you again come Chicago (I saw you guys in Michigan).

alycemurphy said...

I wish could have been there to see you as Ilse. I'm glad the experience was a great test of your acting skills. I hope you get to go on as Ilse again!

That first picture of you and Blake is completely adorable.

Keep rocking :)
<3 Alyce

Anonymous said...

You did amazing as Ilse! You were stunning, and your voice is gorgeous. I sat on stage that night, really close to you, and it was an honor to hear you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I so wish I could have been there, but even hearing about it this way is amazing. Thank you. :)

Grace said...

Ahhh you guys are in Baltimore!

Sorry for the crazy weather this week though :(