Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catch-up time!

Alright, before I delve into blabbing about my Europe trip, I am going to do a huuuuge update about going on for everyone in the past few weeks before vacation haha. Sorry for the delay peeps, but it has been cray over here! we go!

In the weeks before vacation, is was sicky sicky and busy busy around here! So I'll start with three weekends ago, the 13th. I got super duper sick which really sucked, but now I am feeling a tad better. I took the entire day off Saturday and spent the whole day sleeping, coughing, having a fever, sneezing, having a headache and watching so many movies! i watched 2 episodes of Dexter, Juno, The Dark Knight, and John Q. The only one i hadn't seen was John Q and it was incredible. So I felt a little better Sunday and got myself up and went to the show. I rested up on Monday and then the madness ensued. Everyone caught this flu, it was truly like a Spring Awakening epidemic. I think total 3 or 4 people didn't catch this baby. I caught it at the beginning which was nice, but it was a slow spiral down from there. The shows last week were nutso! I went on for Anna Wednesday which was awesome! It was so weird though cause I was still getting over being a sicky, so I wasn't a hundred percent, Julie was playing Wendla, Lucas was playing Hanschen, and Perry and Krista called out from the chair of rocks, so we did the show without ANY chairs which was so weird! So that means that 5 people called out! What insanity. Playing Anna was so much fun! I have wanted to go on for that part for the longest time! It is my favorite ensemble part definitely and I am so thankful that I got the chance. For some reason ever since the beginning, I have felt this odd connection to Anna, even from auditions. She was the only ensemble part I technically got called back for (I mean I got called back for all of them since I am a swing, but she was the only actual packet and lines and stuff I got) I got to put my hair in curly pigtails which made me feel like a little girl! I thought it went swimmingly, a really strong show for everyone, but honestly it felt strange without any chair of rocks! It was so much fun bopping around stage!!

So then Friday rolls along. Christy had come back to the show on Thursday, so I figured that going on for Wendla wasn't going to happen. But then I get a call in the morning that I am going to play Wendla in the big rehearsal we were having for Jake in the afternoon because Christy wasn't feeling well still. So I got to do rehearsal with him, which was so much fun because he is so talented! He was the first Melchior I've ever done it with that wasn't Perry! I had a great time, and it felt good to run through that track since I knew there was a chance that I might be going on. So then me, Matt, Andy, Lucas and Anthony went to eat at this really good place that gave us soft prezels for a starter haha and I got the call!! I was going on for Wendla!!! My last and final part to go on for which was such a cool feeling! For some reason I never thought that I would go on for everyone, just because of the way the tour started, that the girlies never needed to call out. But now look! I have gone on for everyone and I couldn't be happier! So Wendla, I started getting a little jittery about it! She does so much in the show and my mind was all over the place as I was getting my hair done, and pulling up my stockings under my little baby doll dress. And my excitement was through the roof!!! The experience for me was unreal. I was so thankful that I was able to perform with Kyle before he left because he is just so brilliant to me. I thought the show was fun, but of course a little intimidating since it was my first time. One of the things I was most scared about, which was over about 2 minutes after the show started was putting on the dress and not stumbling off the chair and I did it! Not like earlier in the day at rehearsal when the dress got stuck under my shoes and it was all tangled which was extremely entertaining to my cast lol. What a sigh of relief haha. Other than that, the quick changes went well, I walked backward in Those You've Known without running into the band, and I felt very connected and into the show. Hopefully I will get to play Wendla again soon and also Anna. I only went on for each of them one time which I think is difficult as a swing. It is always nice to do a part two times in a row because the first time is always rubbing out the kinks when it comes to all of the technical aspects. Like, for instance, as simple as this is, the walks in Word of Your Body when Melchi and Wendla are holding hands on the first chorus are soo hard because of the spot light. I felt like I was going to fall over and I was just walking! So now I know for next time what that will be like before it happens which is why the second show is always easier. But now at least I got the first one's over, and I had the time of my life doing it! I promise to post a picture later on. My camera died so the pictures are on Chase's phone and I will get them soon! :)

So the next week which is Phillie! Everyone is slowly starting to feel better which is nice, and then suddenly, Kimiko has an injured foot and is out for the week! So us swing girls take turns going on again! My third role in 2 weeks! I went on for Thea Sunday which was an incredible experience because it was our dear Kyle's last performance which was so hard for us all. It was one of the most emotional nights for us, and I had a great time experiencing that as Thea. Of course the show was emotional with lots of tears, and the goodbye's later that night were even harder, but it was such a beautiful night for us all. The hard part about Kyle leaving, like when Claire left, is that this is kind of the beginning of the end, and the beginning of the new which is both sad and so exciting. It is just strange to imagine this tour without all these people we have been with from the start. We are all so comfortable with each other, and have grown up and experienced all of this together from rehearsals in New York, to opening night in San Fran all till now. We have been all that we know for a whole year, so losing someone and on their part, starting a new part in their lives, is a scary and sad thing because it will never be quite the same. Of course, it will be incredible in a different way with all the new people and all of the new experiences and memories we will have together, but these original memories and experiences will be something irreplaceable and ones that we will hold to our hearts forever as the Spring Awakening family that we are.We will miss you Kyle and Julie and we all love you so much! I wish you both so much luck in your careers!!

krystina :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HUGE update!
I'm sure it took a lot of time but,all the fans appreciate it :)

Danny said...

i'm sure you were a fantastic wendla and anna.. i just wish i could have seen it!! thanks for the update!

heytheremeranda said...

Thanks for updating! I wish I could have seen you go on for Anna and especially Wendla, I bet you did an amazing job.

Best of luck with everything,

Kalynn :] said...

omgggg! i loved seeing the show onstage in Philly....seriouslyn i was like crying! totes the best thing i've ever seen like legit! even though when matt jumped off a chair during TBOL i was for sure thinking i was being jumped on. but it was all good.....and i saw you all after the show...and before. i gave andy a poster i made for thephillyguiltyones! but it started raining before and i had to shove it in my bag which is lame...but anyway yeahh pretty much longest comment ever!!

Lara said...

Saw the show yesterday and your Thea was so adorable! Congrats on playing all of your parts!

alycemurphy said...

I saw you go on as Thea this past Sunday in DC! You were so wonderful. I wish I could have seen you as Wendla, and it's great you were able to go on while Kyle was still on the tour.

Best wishes,