Monday, May 18, 2009

Farewell Claire Sparks! The end of an era.

What a tough weekend it was. Claire leaving loomed over all our heads the entire time. It still hasn't hit me quite yet that she left us, and that we are no longer, and never will be the original 17. Claire said something the day she left that I thought was so true. She said that the thing that scares her most is that all she knows now is the tour. She knows nothing else. It must be such a strange feeling to step back into the world without having Spring Awakening. I can't imagine how that is going to feel. Our lives on this tour are Spring Awakening. We only know eachother, we hear the same music everyday and see the same people everyday. Our daily lives turn in to somewhat of a routine. Just like a normal schedule would be wake up, shower, school, eat homework, hang out, eat, sleep, ours is set in stone too just with a bit more lee-way. Wake up, shower, explore, rehearsal, eat, show, eat, sleep. And that is it. Every single day with one day off. So living without it and readjusting to a normal schedule would be so difficult, and really super weird haha. Being on a tour is unique in the way that we are stuck where we are. After the show, there is no going home to your apartment and doing your own thing. There is no hanging out with you buddies from college. There is no cooking dinner in your kitchen. Your apartment is a hotel room. Your friends are your cast mates. Your dinner is either microwavable or restaurant bought. Life on the road is a strange thing. So imagine losing a cast mate, it is like saying goodbye to a sister, a best friend, a piece of our complex puzzle that each of us fit into. We have all traveled this journey together, all 17 of us. It was everyones first Broadway tour so we got to experience that together, and learn about it together. We adjusted to this lifestyle together, and Sparkles will be surely missed because we have all only known touring life with her in it too. But even though we miss her so much, that girl is going to do so many incredible things in her life. She is by far one of the most genuine, kind-hearted people I have ever known. I learned so much from her. Claire, if you are reading this, we love you so much and miss you more than anything! Good luck in college and we all can't wait till you come and visit!!!

We had such a wonderful time spending our last time together. First of all, before the show as we were getting ready, we took loads of pictures. Everyone wanted to get a picture Claire and her new adorable hair (props to Kevin Maybee our hair designer). Everyone got dressed and we took so many pictures. 

The 6 Original Spring Tour Swings!!

The Original 8 Girls of the Spring Awakening Tour!

The entire cast and band got together after the show last last Sunday and hung out at Jillian's. It was such a wonderful moment. Since there are so many of us, and a lot of the time we are totally wiped out after the show, it was so nice to be all together again, cause we haven't done that in a while. We all ordered food and talked for a few hours with lots of picture taking and goodbyes to Claire. As we were all sitting there laughing together, I looked around for a moment and realized how thankful I am for having these people in my life. Every one of my cast-mates is my best friend. I feel comfortable around each one, and we are all truly one big family. I could not ask for anything better. Touring life is made easier by the fact that I have 17 people I can confide in. 17 people that I trust. 17 people that I can call up to hang out with. 17 people that I love.

The Original 17 Touring Cast of Spring Awakening!
Krystina :)
ps: I just proof-read and realized that I meant 16 all those times I said 17 at the end cause I obviously can't talk or be friends with myself or hang out with myself...but I'm not gonna change it cause I think 17 looks better haha.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Krystina. ): This made me so sad, in a poignant sort of way. I wish I could've seen Claire go on stage! She'll get far in life though, of that I'm sure. She has one hell of a voice.

I hope you guys are all doing well. <3

- Lauren

heytheremeranda said...

Aww Krystina. This made me kind of sad but Im so glad that I get to see the origianl 17 of you guys and Im so glad that I had the chance to meet Claire at the stagedoor, she was so nice. Best of luck to her and best of luck to you with rest of the tour.

I hope everyone is doing well and is having an amazing time.


Julia said...

That was beautifully, beautifully written <3 I echo everyone else's sentiments in saying that Claire will go leaps and bounds in the future and good luck with the tour! :)

Anonymous said...

you and the rest of the cast are soooo amazing, and it's difficult 2 see you lose Claire :'( She will surely pwn at whatever she does in the future. I hope u'r enjoying Boston and keep being the amazing person that you will always be :)

Anonymous said...

:'( so sad, and so true how when you are with a group of people like that it is like losing a family member when one leaves, and SO strange to return to a normal life when it is done... sadly, no era can last forever. But I'm sure all of you are going to go on to amazing things as each of you ends up moving on to the next chapter.

Anonymous said...

This was wonderfully written! I am soooo happy someone finally wrote a blog post in response to Claire leaving the tour! (not counting the short n sweet totallytrucked goodbye) I really wished I had gotten to see Claire in the show, or even as Wendla, she has such a pretty face so looking at her headshot the first time and imagining her screaming TOTALLY FUCKED didnt translate easily. But from hearing her sing live at a cabaret, she has a beautiful soulful voice and i think she was suchhh an underrated cast member,she seemed really nice. This is a long post, haha sorry but I just wanted to share all that rambling.

Hope the SA cast is doing well, this must be a hard part where people are slowly starting to leave. You all are amazing.

<3 :)

Rachel said...

Aww, that's so sweet! Claire was actually the reason I first got introduced to Spring Awakening. One of my friends goes to her church (I live in Columbia too), and, knowing how much I love musicals, thought I might be interested to know that her friend from church was cast in this new musical called Spring Awakening. I'd never heard of it before, so I looked up the Tony performance and the rest is history--I'm a Guilty One!

I wish Claire all the best. And congrats on the promotion, Krystina!

Alyce said...

Oh, Krystina,

This brought tears to my eyes. You 17 were MY first Spring Awakening cast ever. You all are so talented and just a joy to watch. Congratulations on being promoted, you earned it :)

I'm so glad I got to see the original tour cast. Have a great run in Boston. All the fans are missing Claire, too. The tour definitely isn't the same without her.

<3, Alyce

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have seen it! Her collage is doing it now and I am pretty sure she is somehow envoved! That should be fun but weird for her. She really is and amazing actress and I was loved seeing her in love of the Nightingale.