Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're going to Harvard!

If you haven't been to Cambridge, MA home of the smarties at Harvard University, I highly recommend it. What a cool area! So me, Ben, Claire, and Steffi took a trip to Harvard last week because our one and only had to pick up his information packet and some stuff for his Freshman year there next year. It is such a beautiful campus. We walked around for a bit and it was so green and the buildings were so pretty. I love brick buildings for some reason, something about them seems so elegant and antique. I felt like I was getting the inside scoop about the school cause I never thought I would. I also realized how proud I am of Benjamin Moss. He has so much going for him as a person, and a brilliant musician. I feel so inspired each time I hear one of his brilliant compositions or when he plays dangerously difficult music on the piano. That boy is going to do so many wonderful things in his life. 

So, loving Boston so far times a million! I had so much fun last week and I love performing in the Colonial. But I will ask this, I think everyone who reads this that lives in the Boston area should tell more of their friends and people about our show! We haven't quite been filling the house, and it would be great if we could attract more people to come! So do it. Ready? GO! haha anyway, last week I was on the radio with Chase. We sang Sadness/Blue wind on 88.9 Emerson Radio I believe. They have this musical theatre time slot on Saturdays which is super cool. It would definitely be my favorite time to listen to the radio if I lived here. We had lots of fun singing on there, we got to wear the fancy headphones, and sing into these huge mics in a sound studio. 

krystina :)


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you aren't filling the show... I'd be there every night if I could!
I will be taking an 8 hour road trip to see you in Philly... hopefully for stage seats!!! :)

Anonymous said...

a musical theater slot? that sounds fabulous! i wish toronto had one of those, or even a radio station dedicated to musical theater, =D

Anonymous said...

I'll be going to that other school in Cambridge, MA in a few weeks... too bad you guys will be gone by then!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I wish I could've heard you on the radio!

Ben Moss <3 the man is amazing, so amazing. And you may tell him that.

Alyce said...

I remember going on a tour of 88.9 when I went on a college tour of Emerson. That radio station is amazing.

I hope you guys finally fill a show, and give Ben the best of luck for next year!

Julia said...

Wonderful blog, Krystina

No worries, after word gets out, the theatre will be packed! The magic of the Internet knows no bounds.

And wishing Ben well for next year as well :D

Casey said...

I noticed the Boston seats were far from filled on some nights, and that's awful. I got a few friends to go, but honestly the prices of the tickets (for people too lazy or nervous to rush) plus the price of gas for some people, like my buds up in NH and ME, is just too much. Hopefully the audiences were responsive at the very least! We love you guys, and the stage door was super packed each night I was there!

Hope the rest of the tour goes even better!