Monday, April 6, 2009

My Thea Experience!

"Melchi Gabor...he's such a radical!"

Playing Thea was some of the funnest moments i've had on stage. It was cool because it was a completely different experience than being Martha. Martha for me the first time was unique in the fact that I had never EVER gone on before, so the butterflies and the excitement was different than this time around. This time around, I had about 5 days notice which allowed me to properly prepare myself, and I was just ready to go out there and have a good time. I was completely comfortable and ready on Tuesday so I got to the theatre and threw my hair in some inside-out french pigtail braids and got into Thea mode! I put on those glasses (there were wayyy too small for my face...thanks Kimiks you made me feel like i had a giant face but then I remembered that you have a teeny tiny one) and did a little Mama Reprise with the girls, grabbed my microphone and got in line to go on stage. I had a blast playing Thea. She is such a fun character because her track, as all the tracks in Spring, is really fun, but also has an emotional journey to ride. My favorite part about playing Thea was definitely the Junk Scene cause she is the one that drives it. It felt so good to be on stage and perform again. That is something that miss a lot in this show. So those times that I get to go on, I am so incredible thankful! But Kimi is back tonight and I am so excited to see her! We missed her on her vacation! 

Ok onto other business...Toronotonians...You must tell me how no one ever told me that this existed. As some of you know by the bowling video from Minneapolis, my secret is now out. My nickname is Shasha. I know so random right? Well long story short, when I was about 2 years old, my parents kept asking me what my name was and I always said Shasha. Who knows why? I don' parents don't. But ever since then, that has been my family name. My siblings, my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins...they never call me Krystina even to 
this day my younger cousins actually don't learn that my real name is Krystina until they turn about 10 and I break it to them lol. I will say though, before that video, no one ever knew that except for my family and closest friends. So now you all know! But you can still call me Krystina, cause I don't let my friends call me Shasha ever. Unless you want me to smack your arm or whine about it until you go back to calling me Krystina. haha. So why am I telling you this? WELL I was at the Metro market here in Toronto a few weeks ago and I stumbled across these little cookies and guess what the brand name was? SHASHA CO. I was so shocked and excited. I bought 2 bags, and took pictures and sent them to all my family and everyone thought it was so funny! 

krystina :)


Anonymous said...

That's great! I'm glad you got to rock out as Thea! :) and HAHA SHASHA CO.? Those crazy Canucks! Do they taste any good? lol. (The cookies I mean, not the Canadians...)

ATUgirl said...

I've been trying to figure out where Shasha came from! I think Thea's an awesome role, and I'll bet it was a ton of fun.

Al said...

your'e funny SHASHA

Al said...

I remember when I asked you what your name was when you were a couple of years old you clearly said "Shasha". I then turned to your mom (my wife ) and said "where in the hell did she get that name?" We never solved that mystery but we started calling you Shasha and it caught on. You spoke, we listened!

Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic, aren't they? See, we're not just about hockey and better beer, eh? ;)

So happy you got to go on and that you had so much fun! I was only able to make it to see Julie, but friends are telling me the three of you did an awesome job giving Kimiko her deserved vacation.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have seen your Thea..sounds awesome.
I just came across
At about 5:25 you come on..and blow me away.

Rock on

Anonymous said...

haha, those ginger snap cookies taste amazing, XD

heytheremeranda said...

I wish I could have seen you as Thea. But I am going to get to see you as Ilse in Pittsburgh. Im pretty excited to see that.


Andrea Michelle said...

:) hii