Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, and I have seriously felt it over the past couple of days in Providence, and definitely here in Boston. Today, I broke out my bright yellow sweater, and my big bug sunglasses and explored the city with flowers in bloom, green green grass and the weather being perfect. It's funny, sometimes I get so wrapped up (as we all do) in the crazy things in life, that I forget to stop and just appreciate everything around me. Like today, for instance, we walked by this gorgeous big park, with lots of trees and grass and it just, for some reason, made me feel like I could breath. It made me so happy. People were walking their dogs, sun tanning, reading, playing frisbee. One of my absolute favorite things to do on a sunny warm day is to (aside from going to the beach) have a picnic in the park! It is like the perfect date, perfect get together with friends, perfect family outing, and perfect way to relax. It's funny, because in Arizona, where I'm from, picnicking doesn't happen very often because we are so busy in pools trying to make sure we don't sweat off all the water in our bodies. But, one of my BEST memories from this tour would definitely be when we were in New York and went to Central Park. We got out early of a run-through rehearsal, so a bunch of us decided to go to central park and have a picnic and just relax. We were there for hours, eating, laying around, telling stories, and feeding the birds (bad idea lol). It was just such a nice way to take the rest of the day off, and it is a memory that will stick with me forever, because it was just so beautiful, sitting in this incredible park with these ginormous trees hanging over it.

I got my first taste of spring though a couple of weeks ago when me and Chase got to fly out to Dallas for a press event. We had such a blast and got to see a lot of cool things while we were there. The weather was gorgeous, and everything was in bloom. We had a great dinner at this Mexican restaurant (which was almost good as my Nana's homecooked Mexican food), and then spent the next day running around from performance to radio interview, to tv interview, to newspaper interview all day! And then we hoped on a plane back to Toronto. It was a great experience and we had a fun time and got a nice taste of spring. We met this lady who should totally be on the Food Network Cake Challenges, which by the way, is my favorite thing to watch on TV lol. She made this amazing cake of suitcases that looked REAL and had little stickers of all of the shows going to to that theatre, including ours! Here is the video we shot of our time in Dallas! Yay for Spring time!!


Krystina :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thea in Providence!

Hi guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be on for Thea tomorrow, Thurday April 23 in Providence! Woohoo!

Krystina :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh Canada!

Ah...tonight is closing night. I cannot believe that Toronto went by so quickly. It is the strangest thing because all of our other five weeks stops felt like five weeks. But this one felt so short! I am going to miss it here in beautiful springy Toronto! So many fun things happened here! Just a few days ago, me, Matt, Christy, Andy, Ben, and Blake went for high tea in our hotel. It was so much fun and as we were sipping away at our tea and nibbling our finger sandwiches, Christy had us all go around the table and say what our favorite part of Toronto was. A lot of us shared the same feelings and memories...making new friends with the awesome Dog See's God cast...and some not so much such as having a 24 hour Tim Horton's available haha. (I do not like TH at all...sorry Canadians) But one thing was definitely a major consensus...Niagara Falls!

Last Monday, Matt, Andy, Ben, Gabby, Julie D, Kimiko, Lucas, Anthony, Claire, and I woke up really early, rented cars, and had a fun-filled day at Niagara Falls. It was so much fun! The falls are absolutely GORGEOUS and so much water! It was awesome to see, cause I had only ever seen it in pictures and movies like Superman! So we had a wonderful lunch overlooking the falls and then walked around and explored. We found ourselves eating candy from the Fudge Factory, looking at the falls from the ground up on the Journey Behind the Falls tour, and having the living daylights scared out of us at the Horror House, Nightmares. Oh, and a lot of comments have been going up about my comment that blackberries are crunchy. Let me tell you all what I meant by that, because after thinking about it, a crunchy blackberry does sound like a seriously bad one haha. The crunchiness that I meant was the seeds. You know how as you eat a blackberry or a raspberry, you feel the seeds too? That is what I meant, like I had to crunch on all the little annoying seeds in the berry. Just needed to tell you all that yes the blackberry was soft and squishy...but I did not enjoy the hard teeny seeds that I had to crunch on haha. You guys should check out our Niagara Falls Adventure videos! Part one is up right now on Totally Trucked and part two should be coming out next week so you guys will finally know what happens at Nighmares and you'll get to see if any of us had any luck at the casino!! Plus the falls at night and a lot of random singing. I'll tell you all about the second part of our day after the video comes out!

Tomorrow we leave for Providence and then Boston after that! These next few months, there is so much to look forward to! My family is going to be coming out in Pittsburgh to see me play Ilse! Oh, actually I haven't officially announced it on my blog so now I will! I will be performing as Ilse in Spring in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday and Sunday May 30 and May 31 for 
both the matinee and evening shows, and also in Louisville, KY on Tuesday and Wednesday June 2 and 3! I am very excited about being able to go on for Ilse 6 times. It is a very weird life, being a swing, because going on once for someone, or even twice is sometimes tough because you don't fully get to develop your character. You are still getting used to doing it, and kicking out the excited butterflies, so after the second or third one, you can really buckle down and learn a lot about the part, and actually do it. So I will finally get that chance with Ilse and I cannot wait! Hopefully some of you guys can make it out! But anyway, my parents, my aunt, and my brother and sister are coming to Pittsburgh on the Thursday before and staying through Monday which will be perfect! I will get to spend time with them, and they'll finally get to see me in a role (they've only seen me in the chair of rock). Yay!!!

Krystina :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Thea Experience!

"Melchi Gabor...he's such a radical!"

Playing Thea was some of the funnest moments i've had on stage. It was cool because it was a completely different experience than being Martha. Martha for me the first time was unique in the fact that I had never EVER gone on before, so the butterflies and the excitement was different than this time around. This time around, I had about 5 days notice which allowed me to properly prepare myself, and I was just ready to go out there and have a good time. I was completely comfortable and ready on Tuesday so I got to the theatre and threw my hair in some inside-out french pigtail braids and got into Thea mode! I put on those glasses (there were wayyy too small for my face...thanks Kimiks you made me feel like i had a giant face but then I remembered that you have a teeny tiny one) and did a little Mama Reprise with the girls, grabbed my microphone and got in line to go on stage. I had a blast playing Thea. She is such a fun character because her track, as all the tracks in Spring, is really fun, but also has an emotional journey to ride. My favorite part about playing Thea was definitely the Junk Scene cause she is the one that drives it. It felt so good to be on stage and perform again. That is something that miss a lot in this show. So those times that I get to go on, I am so incredible thankful! But Kimi is back tonight and I am so excited to see her! We missed her on her vacation! 

Ok onto other business...Toronotonians...You must tell me how no one ever told me that this existed. As some of you know by the bowling video from Minneapolis, my secret is now out. My nickname is Shasha. I know so random right? Well long story short, when I was about 2 years old, my parents kept asking me what my name was and I always said Shasha. Who knows why? I don' parents don't. But ever since then, that has been my family name. My siblings, my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins...they never call me Krystina even to 
this day my younger cousins actually don't learn that my real name is Krystina until they turn about 10 and I break it to them lol. I will say though, before that video, no one ever knew that except for my family and closest friends. So now you all know! But you can still call me Krystina, cause I don't let my friends call me Shasha ever. Unless you want me to smack your arm or whine about it until you go back to calling me Krystina. haha. So why am I telling you this? WELL I was at the Metro market here in Toronto a few weeks ago and I stumbled across these little cookies and guess what the brand name was? SHASHA CO. I was so shocked and excited. I bought 2 bags, and took pictures and sent them to all my family and everyone thought it was so funny! 

krystina :)