Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So Cleveland?

Alright will someone tell me what the deal with good old Cleveland is? For some reason, I was not expecting the constant chill of Antarctica shivering down my back here, but this may be the coldest I've felt on this tour yet! And we've been to Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota...what gives weather gods? Anyway, aside from being so cold that I can't think, I have enjoyed these first few nights in Cleveland. We got a nice surprise yesterday because our producers Ira Pittleman and Tom Hulce came to visit us and it has been a while! We got to chill with them at the opening night party which was so much fun!

Well, in case you guys haven't seen, I have my brand new website finally up and running. Check it out if you want, but be forewarned that it is not quite ready yet, so be sure to keep checking it for new and improved things.

krystina :)


Greg said...

hey krystina!
sorry that you guys are so cold up in cleveland, it must be the lake breeze. :) but I am super excited! I am seeing the show in 4 DAYS! :D

p.s. pass on the good luck wishes to Matt as he goes on for Melchi and also pass on the congrats to Chase for going on as Georg! :)


Anonymous said...

That's so funny that you're so cold because it's actually a lot warmer here than last week! You'll get used to it :)

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish Texas would get cold. I'm jealous! At least you have an excuse to get some good use out of cute winter accessories. Haha.

And that's so cool that you got to see two of your producers. :) I'm glad it was fun!

Hope you all rock out in Cleveland!

Laura said...

I think Ohio just has weird weather patterns in general. lol It was freezing here in Columbus most of the week, and tomorrow it's supposed to be 70...

I also just wanted to say that I love the show. I saw it from the 10th row and the last row in Columbus, and I have onstage tickets for DC in July. My aunt plays flute and piccolo in the National Symphony Orchestra so she got to buy tickets the day before they went on sale to the public. I'm already really excited and it's like 4 months away... lol Anyways continue having a blast on tour!


Michelle said...

I was at the show on 3/5 and was happy to see that you were on for ensemble! Hopefully the weather will warm up soon :)
I will be seeing you guys multiple times in Pittsburgh, and was so excited to hear that you're going on for Ilse!

Kristen said...

btw on your upcming events on your new site, you have that you'll be performing as Ilse in pittsburgh PN, and the initials for pennsylvania are actually PA.

Christopher said...

Can't wait to see you guys this coming Tuesday night! Saw you in Columbus opening night and loved it so much that my sister and I decided to make the drive to Cleveland to see it again, thanks to the encouragement of my English students who just wanted me to stop droaning on about the show in class! And what luck, Tuesday is the day after my birthday and we got stage seats. Can't think of a better way to ring in my 25th birthday! We're hoping your Chairacter is seated close to us, because you are by far one of our favorites! Break a leg!

Beth said...

I saw the show in East Lansing on Feb 28th. It was so amazing, there are no words...I LOVED every minute of it! What a thrill being able to perform and travel with this show across the country. You are beautiful and living your dreams. I am a singer and performer at heart, so I know how special it feels to perform and to be doing what you love.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

im really sad that the show is leaving Cleveland! :( but I LOVED the Vocal Master Class w/ jared! i think Belly Mamba was my fav part! lol

Mary said...

Sorry about the cold, Krystina! Cleveland only gets 28 days of sunshine a year :-( Did you get to go the rock hall?

Yaeko said...

Hi Krystina!
This is really really late lol... But I wanted to comment:) Mary is right, we do only get about 28 days of sunshine. It was in the
60s last week and today it snowed, and we had a snow storm a couple of weeks ago right after it had been in the 60s. Cleveland is crazy with weather! And you guys were by the water which makes it like ten times colder! But I'm glad you guys had fun at the rock hall! Wish I could have seen the show when it was here. ;)