Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cleveland Rocks!

It's amazing how fast time flies out here on the road. We just had our first preview last night here in AMAZING Toronto, ON odd as this just hit me that we weren't in Cleveland/the United States any more...haha Cleveland was great. I had so much fun there and we were so busy the entire time, it went by quicker than anyone expected, especially that we were all highly anticipating getting to Canada. We got to do so many fun things in Canada. First of all, it is Jared's home town so not only did we get to have an incredible home-cooked cast meal at his house with his family, BUT we also got to do a performance at his alma mater high school which was super fun!

What also made my weeks go by so fast was that I was in charge of the
TotallyTrucked videos this week! Keep checking back on our youtube channel to check them out. I made and edited six videos from interview with our brand new cast member, Matt Doyle, Swing Awakening, our performances from Jared's high school, Opening night, a masterclass we taught to high school and college singers, and our trip to the Cleveland Rock Hall. It was so much fun taking my flip camera and recording all of our adventures so I hope you all like the videos! So this masterclass that we taught was super cool. Me, Gabby, Matt, and Ben volunteered to help our music director Jared teach this thing. There were about 100 high school and college students that showed up which was a great turn out. We started out by warming up together, and then teaching them belly-mamba! Then we took some time and taught everyone a section from "Purple Summer" and we sang it together. It was a beautiful experience hearing PS being sung by 100 people because we never hear it from more than 17 people when we are onstage. It was such a great feeling sharing our music with those students and hearing them sing the hell out of it. You guys will get to hear it soon on TotallyTr

Cleveland was a definite whirlwind for sure. We had a lot of boy swings and understudies go on, which always makes the shows so intresting. I will give you guys a quick list...since everything was happening with Kyle and his pilot stuff, Cleveland got to see a total of FOUR Melchi's...Kyle Riabko, Perry Sherman, Matt Shingledecker, and Matt Doyle, which I think is quite hilarious. I'm sure repeat audience members were like WTF haha. We also had Chase go on as Georg and Otto, and we had Lucas on as Hanschen! Those boys...they love to callout...

I would like to say a huge HUGE congratulations to our very own, makes me laugh so ha
rd I cry, Kyle Riabko. As you all have heard, he is off to Hollywood shooting a big pilot as the lead character and I could not be happier for him. If anyone deserves it...he does, believe me. It was very strange saying goodbye to him, even though it will only be for a month. We had a big pool party and it was great that we had the whole cast together to say our goodbyes and well-wishes. We'll see you in a month Kyle and have a freaking blast!

So anyway, Toronto is already one of the highlights of the tour, and we've only been here for 3 days. It reminds me so much of NY, especially right next to where our theatre is like the Times Square of Toronto! Big lit up billboards, shopping, 24 hour food (which surprisingly is very hard to find in most cities) and lots of people just like the City! I could not be happier. And it is so interesting seeing and hearing the cultural differences. Yesterday, an onstage audience member asked me if I was going to school and I said that I was a Freshman in college, and he said "oh a 1st must be from the States". It was so cool...and not to mention the loonies and toonies! Ah it is so fun to have pretty colorful and sparkly money in my wallet. Sorry guys..
.this is my first time out of the United States every little thing makes me a bit giddy haha.

Here is a picture of us at the Rock Museum and Hall of Fame! :)



Elizabeth said...

Wow, huge update! Thanks Krystina. Glad you guys are having such a good time. What I wouldn't have given to see all the different understudies in Cleveland. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing your vids on YouTube. Those make my day.

Have a great week!

Dylan said...

Hey Krystina! I'm so glad you had a nice time in Cleveland. It was great getting to talk to you a few times. Enjoy Toronto!

Anonymous said...

I know... Canada rocks!!!

Olivia M. said...

I can't wait for your TT vids! I'm happy that you all are enjoying your time on tour and especially excited for your first time outside the states! There is so much to see and absorb! Have fun and hopefully, you'll get a chance to impress Toronto if any of the girls call out :)

-Olivia M.

Anonymous said...

Saw you guys last night in T.O. You all rocked!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, thanks for the huge update! Just thought I would mention, I saw you guys at the evening performance on the 18th and you guys were amazing, I was sitting behind you actually, and you were really rocking out to the songs, XD. Also, I uploaded a few pictures from the cast party and tagged you in one of them, hope you don't mind, XD.

Oh yeah, and one more thing you should try in Canada? Skiing. I was just skiing last Sunday and the weather is terrific, I was honestly skiing in a t-shirt. There are some pretty good hills an hour from the city, so check that out, =D

Anonymous said...

Was it University School in Cleveland that you sang at, or St. Ignatius?