Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Swing weekend!

What a fun weekend!! Columbus, OH has been full of it's surprises! I saw my first frozen over river, went to a cool science museum, got fed great Italian food, and last...but...BEST...saw Perry go on as Melchi and Lucas go on as Georg (but also sad cause of kyle's poor foot and matt being sick :( )

The boys did so well and it was so much fun watching them. It always makes the show so exciting seeing the swings go on! And it gives me some hope! Geez those boys get to go on a lot! Soon enough I will go on! I just know it! haha. The luck I have had has been very interesting. The only two girls that have called out so far are Sarah once and Christy once and the luck of the draw was that I could not go on for either! When Sarah called out back in September, I had not learned Martha yet, Julie was the only one that knew Martha because we had only learned our first tracks where I learned Ilse and Claire learned Wendla. Bummer but soooo great and fun to see Julie Benks go on (she did spectacular by the way and her family was in town!! Perfection!!). Then, Christy called out a month ago, and Claire had learned and rehearsed Wendla more so got to go on first. Another bummer but once again sooo awesome to see Sparkles go on and freaking be amazing as Wendla! So I know my time is here...I will keep you all posted about when it happens! haha

On to other news, I am here in St. Louis!! The weather is so funny! When we got here I was like yay!! This rocks and the weather is so perfect! 70 degrees and sunny! Then it rained at night and was freeeezing! Not that I mind the rain one bit (it is my favorite weather in the world and clouds make me the happiest girl ever) but it was just odd how bi-polar the weather here is. The Fox Theatre is absolutely the most amazing, beautiful, humongous, INCREDIBLE theatre I have ever laid eyes on. By far my favorite theatre we have been to or that I have been to in my life, I am pretty sure it will stay that way. I feel so privileged to perform on that stage! I will admit however, that being in that theatre and lobby reminds me of being on the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland...anyone agree? lol I cannot wait to see what else St. Louis has in store for me besides the theatre, the crazy weather, and being the home of the always hillarious and super fun Gabe Violett the b-way Otto. We are having so much fun spending our time in St. Louis with him!

krystina :)


Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you're loving the Fox! A couple weeks ago, all of us guilty ones got to stand on the stage in the empty theatre and it was so amazing! The silence was deafening if you know what I mean.

And the weather has been crazy all year! I don't get it! I'm not from here so it is a little bizzare. It was 70 the first week of November last year before it plummeted to like 30. But I like the nice weather, especially when I know it's still 25 degrees back home.

Have a great run in St. Louis!

Carolyn said...

god i miss you guys so much.
i feel so lucky to have seen julie go on for martha! i remember that i had taken all my friends to see it that night because it was your last night in sf. it was perfect. at first in dikw she was nervous it seemed but by the end she was completely rocking out! i wish i could have seen claire as wendla. she seems like she would be amazing at it! (well duh...)

Much Love! And Break a leg!

Katie said...
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Katie said...

After seeing Chase as Moritz last night, we decided that Steffi needs to feel to good to come too work one day in St. Louis so you can go on as Ilse! lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krystina... I saw the show in Columbus, you guys are truly Fabulous.... just commenting on the cool science museum, was it COSI?

spiffster said...

Aw, Krystina...I'm crossing my fingers that you will get to go on soon! Hang in there! I'm with Katie...not that I'd ever wish anything bad on Steffi, but I'd love to see you go on as Ilse.

Greg said...

Hey Krystina!
My name's Greg, from Ohio! I was unable to make the tour stop in Columbus, but I am coming to the Cleveland stop! Randomly, I was just wondering who your favorite character is to play in the show? Becuase I have heard that you understudy ALL of the female parts (except Adult Woman) and you cover BOTH chairs??? :D That's a lot! I hope I get to sit next to the SuperDuper Swing (you) at the March 8th evening performance! I'm sitting in BB12 or BB14. :)


Krystina Alabado said...

Annonymous, yes it was Cosi the science museum and it was pretty cool!

Greg, it is so hard for me to pick my favorite role to cover because they are all so much fun! Of course, I would have to say my number one is Wendla. She is just such a complex character and is such a fun and involved role. Then I would say Ilse because she is just in her own world the entire time. And the three ensemble girls are so much fun, for me especially Anna for some reason haha