Thursday, February 26, 2009

St. Louis Cabaret!

I never posted about the cabaret in St. that was a pretty active city sheesh. Lots went on! So the cabaret in St. Louis was so much fun! Me and Matt sang a duet of "Somewhere" from West Side Story and "In Whatever Time We Have" from Children of Eden arranged by our bass player Julie Danielson and it went pretty well I think. It was a fun song to sing for sure. The turn out was incredible! Almost 200 people! We were so pleased and we ended up raising a bunch of money thanks to our MC drag-queen extrodinaire who auctioned off a bunch of stuff for us for much more money than we ever thought. It was amazing because it was for such a good cause. So the night was full of love duets from everyone in the cast, started by a big Disney love medley, and ending with Seasons of Love/Purple Summer. It was a great night for sure! 

Here is the video and a picture of me and Matt singing our duet! The night was a huge success and the cast had a great time singing something other than the show. I will definitely miss St. Louis! The Fox Theatre was the coolest theatre I have ever been to for sure, and performed at. I hope that I get to go back there one day. I did sign the wall in the basement and in my dressing room. If you haven't been backstage at the fox, it is full of murals and signatures of every musical, play, concert, and show that has ever gone through there since it opened. So you can imagine how many people have signed and now I am one of them! 

krystina :)


Katie said...

Now I need to go on the tour of the Fox again to see the new signatures!

Thanks for an amazing 2 weeks in St. Louis!

Grace said...

aww the duet is beautiful! :)
if the SA tour cast recorded a CD of duets and stuff i would so buy it and listen to it everyday haha
i wish i was there!

Elliot said...

you two were amazing. seriously, that duet was the prettiest love combination ever. Julie did a great job arranging it, and you and matt did just as great a job singing it

Betsey said...

Wow! Fantastic duet :)