Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!

We are now in Columbus, OH!! Not much around, but we went to this amazing sandwich place last night before the show called Potbelly and holy was like one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. I guess this is a chain? Except that I have never heard of it, but now am in love!

Anyway, yesterday was our opening night here in Ohio and it went pretty well. I am not sure the audience was as into it as Minneapolis was, but I think they'll loosen up by the end of the week. I was off last night, so I decided to watch a little of the show from the house. I went out for th
e beginning and for Totally Fucked. As I was sitting in the audience, watching everyone perform TF, it kind of was a blast to the past moment for me watching the Tony's in 2007 at home after a long day at Hamilton High School trying to juggle college applications, two shows, choir, and homework (those were the days...not lol). I had no clue was SA was, and I kept hearing them mentioned award after award. I thought it was some old English Play or something...weird huh? Anywho, so then they announced Spring Awakening was to perform and I was like, "oh a musical...weird" (yeah I was clueless about this show). So I decided to watch it I was in shock. I had never been so effected by a performance on TV ever. I still remember the chills and me standing in front of the TV like a little kid watching cartoons awestuck with a lollipop in her hand. That was when I knew...I had to be in that show.

Over the next couple months (I had Tivo'd it). I would come home from school and watch the performance over and embarassing as this may sound, I would turn it on and jump around my living room screaming "Blah Blah Blah Blah!". So sometimes, when I am standing on my chair blah blahing it up, or watching it from the audience, it takes me back to when I first fell in love with Spring Awakening. And how thankful I am that I get to be a part of this...and how strange it is that I am actually doing this show...on a real a real actor rather than in my living room with a remote in my hand in little old Chandler, AZ.

krystina :)


Elliot said...

aww, thats a cute story. My theory is that you aren't a true SA fan, until you've jumped around crazily in a room belting the "blah blah blahs" at the top of your lungs

hayleeraexoxo said...

i wish i could feel as you is my dream to be in spring awakening and i have to admit, i too, tivo-ed the tony's and watched it for day s rewinding to see spring awakening. it has changed my life, and in a way, so have you :)
i saw spring awakening once in new york, and 3 times here, in L.A.-one of times, i sat next to you on stage and the moment i realized you were a swing, i was like "omg! i am sitting next to a cast member!"
and it basically made my night (on top of the fact i got to sit on stage!)
so, thank you!

Anonymous said...

There's a Potbelly in East Lansing too, when you come here in a couple weeks!

Jason said...

Hell yea for Potbelly's.... there's one right outside my dorm at campus... Kinda a deadly combo if you ask me. Anywho... just dropping some love... I sat in front of you last night.. truly an experience!!!

Carolyn said...

haha i do the same thing but in my bathroom listening to my ipod as loud as i can make it with out killing my ears and worring my parents that i'm doing strange things.... by the way thank you and everyone in the tour cast so much. the first time i saw spring awakening was back in sept. on the 6th or something in sf. i still remember you being on stage and since it was my first time actually seeing it it completely freaked me out to see you and claire stand up during and then there where none. you guys changed my life and made me believe that its possible to do something i love doing for a living. hopefully someday i will be the one on stage and you guys will see it... and i will probably still be star struck by you all as my legs shake with excitement...

thanks again from the bottom of my heart,

Joanna said...

Umm that is exactly how I fell in love with Spring Awakening. Except I was a few years later and saw it on YouTube, but the same basic thing. Haha
I do the "Blah Blah Blah" part before school shows to get pumped up =]