Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Snow Snow!!

Des Moines, IA = the coldest place I have ever been to! This week has been super fun in Des Moines which (honestly) really surprised us all! I saw it snow for the first time and it was so beautiful! Right when we got off the plane, it was snowing and I was freaking out! Then just yesterday, it came down again while we were eating dinner at this fancy French restaurant!!! It was so so beautiful. I'll post some pictures later. Oh yeah, and I saw real life icicles!! Like in the movies!

This week was also awesome because I got to play Wendla in a big understudy put-in at the theatre. I got to go through the show as Wendla with Perry as my Melchior with the full band, lights, sound, costumes, and microphones! It was such an amazing and crazy experience. I was not expecting some of the light things, and just how different the show is with everything happening. It is strange because as understudies, we rehearse 2 times a week for 5 hours each and it is always just on the stage with the 6 of us and our stage managers and our assistant music director playing piano for us, so being able to do the full show with everything was such a treat! We had such a supportive audience too! Lol it was the rest of the cast that wasn't in the put-in. That is what I love so much about this family on the road, everyone is so incredibly sweet and supportive of everyone. I could not have asked for a better way to spend my first time as Wendla (well kind of as Wendla lol)

Krystina :)


Melrose said...

Hi Krystina! I'm a big fan of you and the rest of the touring cast! I'm happy that you're all having such an awesome time! I'm hoping I can see you all in SA soon :)

Glad that you're first time as Wendla was awesome! I'm sure you were amazing :D
- Melrose.

spiffster said...

Yay! I hope you get to go on as Wendla soon!

Kelsey said...

Hey Krystina :) I've lived in Iowa my whole life and am really happy you were pleasantly surprised by des moines! It's really not as boring as people think here lol. It's awesome that you actually enjoyed the snow, because after 20 yrs of it it gets really annoying! haha! good luck with the rest of the run, you guys were great!

Anonymous said...

Saw the picture- you looked great! I wish I could be able to see you guys, and I think you all rock!


P.S. You look like my friend! o: Or rather, my friend looks like you. XD

Liz said...

Hi there, Krystina!

Saw you perform yesterday (Sunday) in Minneapolis - was sitting on stage right in front of you. I had never seen the show or heard the music before, and must say that now I'm hooked; you all did such an amazing job! Wish I could have seen the show again before you all split for Ohio! Thanks for an amazing evening!

Carolyn said...

haha i loved how excited you where for seeing snow for the first time!
its like when i got to go to new york for the first time to see closing night of spring awakening (sad it closed, glad i got to go) it was such an amazing expirence and it snowed in a city! the only time i've seen snow is when im skiing..

much love to you and everyone else in the tour cast,


P.S. hope you get to go on as wendla soon! well not hoping christy will be sick or something... YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! lol