Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Home!!!

Wow, I could not have had a funner week performing with Spring at my hometown theatre, Gammage. Seriously, I had the absolute funnest time with everyone staying at my house!! We had our huge cast Christmas party the first day we got here and literally every single cast and band member made it! There were so many people at my house and my mother somehow in her incredible ways actually sat the 25 of us at the same table for dinner!! It was absoulutely insane and so much fun! We had a really nice secret santa under the tree that turned out great, and then had a wonderful homecooked meal around the table. There was guitar hero playing, a fire outside, and lots of christmas music! So the rest of the week was awesome. There was a lot of driving around on my part, but it was worth it. By mid week, the 7 of us staying at my house decided that we wanted to have a Christmas morning on Saturday, so we all bought eachother presents, put them under my tree, and then woke up really early saturday morning and had our own little christmas! We had such a fun time opening eachothers gifts and spending our own Chrismtas together! Then Julie and Chase made us breakfast and we all got ready to head to the theatre.

I had such a surreal time performing on the stage that I grew up going to and watching
Broadway shows! I had so many old friends and family come, and it was so beautiful that I got to share this piece of art with them. My friends loved the show and thought it was the coolest thing. The picture over there on the right is with me and my two oldest and closest friends, Mohamed and Amirah! I have known them both and their family since I was born and they all came! I am so thankful that we got to play in Arizona! And it worked out perfectly cause now we have a two week layoff so I just get to stay home for two more weeks with my family! It is so nice to be home, but I know these two weeks are going to fly. They already are! I miss everyone already though, even though it has only been a few days. But resting is going to be good for me. I literally got sick the day everyone left. It was like I was holding out to be home. It kind of sucks cause right now I am stuck laying in bed, but I would much rather be sick at home, than sick on the road in a hotel room. Hopefully I will get better soon though, because I want to be super healthy for the best day ever!!! AKA Christmas!!!! It is coming!! Only a few more days and it is here!!!

krystina :)

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wow it seems so amazingly wonderfulll!! :)