Sunday, December 7, 2008

Byeee LA!!

Hunter Parrish visited us in LA and saw our show!

It is over. We closed today at the Ahmanson Theatre after a long 6 week run. We did really well in this city and had some great audiences. It has been fun being here. I've met a lot of very cool people, and experienced a lot in this crazy city. I can't believe that I spent two holidays here! Halloween and Thanksgiving! I leave many memories in this place, but I am very excited to move on. Our next city is one that I am most excited about...Tempe, AZ!! My home town!! I am finally going home!! I haven't been home since July! Before this tour the longest I had ever been away was about five days my entire this is insane! I cannot wait until we get on that plane tomorrow, like I may not even sleep tonight I am so excited! We get in tomorrow and then me, Matt, Chase, Perry, Claire, Julie, and Anthony head over to my house where they are all staying for the week! It'll be like one big sleepover and I am very happy about having them in my house! Tomorrow night is going to be a blast. My parents are so sweet and invited the entire cast and band to our house for a huge homecooked Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner! This is something everyone has DEFINTIELY missed on this tour...a home cooked meal...I sure have. So we are gonna be having a big Christmas party with food, a SECRET SANTA! (EEE) and lots of music and movies. Yay!!

It is going to be such a surreal experience performing at the theatre in Tempe called Gammage. I grew up watching and seeing Broadway shows go through there, always hoping that I could one day perform on that stage in a tour...and now I actually am. And I am going to have the love and support of all my family and friends in the audience. I could not ask for anything more...seriously. I am so glad that I get to share this beautiful piece of art with the people in AZ. I think it is much needed and I really hope they like it!

krystina :)


Lily said...

Hey :D
I got to see the pics of your christmas party in your hometown. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Wish you good luck in the rest of the tour.


George said...

Any chance of going on as Wendla or Ilse for your family and friends?

vvn said...

I'm still not over the fact that you guys left LA. I'm listening to Spring Awakening every single day. I can't stop youtubing you guys on TotallyTrucked. I loved your Breyer's m&m YoCrunch yogurt thing from Extended Run. And thinking that Spring Awakening will be over soon makes me want to cry out loud! I wish I can fly to Toronto, Canada during our spring break to watch you guys one last time. By the way, check out my blog? It's dedicated to everyone of you guys in Spring Awakening.

You guys changed my life... seriously... I can't focus on my school work anymore! Not like I could ever do that... but it's worse now! BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS! Good luck with the rest of the tour~ I'll be cheering you guys on and on in my spiritually, mentally, and somewhat physically!