Monday, November 17, 2008

Shocking Moment

Sometimes, as I sit in my chair of rock, I will look down to adjust my microphone in my vest pocket, and suddenly, as I look up to the picture of what is happening on stage, I freeze. shocked. for one moment because every now and then, I realize what I am doing, and that my life is Spring Awakening. This happened a few nights ago. i looked up at the four boys standing around Blake singing "None" and I had a slight freak out moment on stage where I honestly had to pinch myself. It is funny because I though after four months that these feelings and excited butterflies would mellow out a bit...but they really don't. I could not be happier than i am right now. This tour is such a blessing and what we create for an audience, and for anyone is so beautiful. That is my little sentimental rant for the evening hehe. Anyway! I just got back from singing the National Anthem at an LA Clippers game which was super fun! I'll post a video for sure! LA is a blast! We have 3 weeks left and I wish we were here longer! It is so much fun being able to see agents, audition for things, be in Hollywood, and have lots of celebs at our show. But don't fret, I am ECSTATIC about our next city cause it is my home!! Tempe, Arizona! I have a few of the cast...well 7 of them actually staying at my house for the week we are playing in AZ and I cannot wait! My family is super excited to have everyone over, and it will be a great way to end the first round of our tour, because then we have 2 weeks off for Christmas...ahh Christmas. I am obsessed. Every time I see a christmas light, santa chocolate, or fake tree I get all giddy and act like a 2 year old. Christmas is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. Ask anyone.

krystina :)

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Stephanie Vegliante said...

Reading this makes me smile.I am a dancer and have been in a bunch of shows although, none nearly as impressive or on the same level as SA. But when I am on stage or in a big show I get the exact feeling you are talking about. I'm so happy for you. Watching your videos and reading what you have to say, you are so talented, congrats on the show and best of luck.