Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Been A While!

I'm back! Wow, I am not being very good about updating this blog. But I will get better promise! So, as I am typing out this entry, I am sitting on my couch in my apartment looking out my window to the steets of San Fransisco, California and it is beautiful! I love it here in San Fran! We just arrived last Monday and I am already having a blast! The audiences here are incredible! Not that you San Diegans weren't amazing yourselves, because you were, but these San Fransiscans are just insane! In an amazingly good way! We are still in previews till Sunday so I can't even imagine how it will be once we open! I cannot wait! We are performing at the beautiful Curran Theatre and let me tell you, everytime I look up, I am just awestruck by this space. I love it and it is intimite which is perfect for our show!

Well, just to catch everyone up, we had a wonderful run in San Diego, and I enjoyed being there. Being at the Balboa was nice and comfy and we did some pretty fun stuff like going to LA for the day to audition for a TV show, lots of fun parties thrown by the awesome people of SD, having fun at the beach, and for me, having my family come to visit me and see the show. It was so great to see my family! The longest I had gone without seeing them before this tour started was like 2 you could only imagine how excited I was to see them! They looooved the show and thought I was rocking it up there in my chair!

That's a picture of me, my mom, dad, and little brother and sister alec and julianna (even though they are not very little!

krystina :)