Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a blur!

So we are in our third week of rehearsals! I cannot believe how fast it has gone by! We finished blocking and learning the entire show this past Monday during our 13th rehearsal! And I mean the entire thing, choreo, all of the songs, every scene, all the fights, everything! It is too cool!

Just to update you all on my official role in this show, I am a Swing and understudy Wendla, Ilse, Martha, Anna, Thea, and the ensemble. I am officially the offstage swing, but the six swings will actually be rotating every week, so I will be performing in the onstage ensemble probably 3-4 times a week! So if anyone is planning on seeing the show in a certain city or on a certain date, please let me know in advanced cause I can request to go on that date for sure! They are very accomodating and wonderful here!

The cast of this musical is incredible. Words cannot even express the talent this cast embodies. And if talent weren't enough, everyone is so nice! It has only been two weeks, but I already feel as though I have made 20 new life long friends. The bond that we have as a cast is just the coolest thing I have ever witnessed.

Anywhozzle...(haha Steffi D), I will try to write in this blog a little more regularly. I am finally a little settled in and such so it will be easier now. We leave for our pre-tour run in San Diego, CA in about two and a half weeks!! Yay!!

krystina :)