Friday, August 17, 2012

Tranquility is Vermont

Vermont is officially on the top of my "Beautiful Places" list.

I am here working on a new musical called "Pregnancy Pact" about a group of troubled teenage friends that come together and makes a serious life-altering decision. I have been involved in this project for the last year performing in workshops and readings and concerts and my opinion that this musical really is one of the best up-and-coming shows still holds so true. The music is so incredibly moving, as is the story. And this will be the first time the show will be staged! It is a full production; sound, lights, sets, costumes. It's gonna be beautiful for sure. The cast is sublime, consisting of Dana Steingold, Caitlin Kinnunen, Katrina Rose Dideriksen, Lauren Marcus, Margo Seibert, and Jed Resnick. Directed by the incredible Joe Calarco and music directed by Rich Silverstein.  If you get a chance, be sure to check out our show at Weston Playhouse from August 30 - September 8. Here is the press release with all of the information...PLAYBILL 

Check out these videos of a few songs from the show that we performed at "Behind the Music-al" moderated by Adam Guettel!

This time around I am playing the role of Sansanee, the bitchy popular girl who has a serious change of heart when she realizes there is something missing for her. I am already having a blast working here at Weston. I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful it is here. We are literally surrounded by trees and meadows and creeks. We live all together in this gorgeous seven bedroom house and rehearse in a converted barn that opens up to a forest! Across the street from us in the Vermont Country Store where we go everyday to buy candy and sample cheese and fudge (my favorite part). We are truly in the middle of nowhere with no cell service and no grocery store for miles and miles. It feels very secluded and so peaceful. It's actually nice to have a break from the world. At first, having no cell service for four weeks kind of freaked me out, but I am really using this time to reflect and relax! I am reading more, working out for longer, and writing in my journal a lot!! It is amazing the things you can get done without your cell phone. I urge you all to try it, just turn it off for a few hours or leave it at home and take a long walk. I do this sometimes in the city when I feel overwhelmed by life. I think it is super therapeutic. 

krystina :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life is life.

***originally written on 07/22/12***

And that, was that...

As I sit here drinking my iced vanilla latte on this beautiful Sunday morning in New York, I reflect on the year I had, the things I did, the places I saw...and I am astounded. It is easy to take for granted the things life gives us, whether it be the smallest feat of finding a dollar on the ground, to the biggest, traveling the country performing the sickest show to ever hit a Broadway stage. This is something we all, including myself, struggle with often. It is hard to see your life as a beautiful one when so many obstacles present many voices urging you to think negatively, to not believe in your cause or your talent or your beauty. Each one of us has so much to offer to this world, and we must remember that, especially in times that are tough. I am not sure why this has been in my head lately...maybe it's because I am back to the life I live in NYC, unemployed and working my ass off to secure another job, another family, another adventure. It always seems that I am my most contemplative when I get off of a tour or done with a show. I remember this moment two years ago when I got to New York after a long two years on the road. It is a shock, especially this time because even though my life, the bubble I was in for six months, was vastly different than the life I live here in the city, when I walked into my building in Harlem for the first time since I left, it was exactly the same. My bed felt as squishy, my trinkets and knick-knacks were untouched, all the clothes I forced myself to part with were there hanging, waiting for me to wear them again. I spent my first day home looking, and touching, and remembering it all. I cleaned a lot, I sat a lot in silence, and I reflected on my world that I was thrown back into. And I mean thrown. The next morning I was up at nine printing my resume and jankily attaching it to my headshot and running to Telsey for my first audition back, and that was that. Shot out of a cannon with no time to remember that I just got back from a huge life changing experience. But there it was. Life continued and it got me thinking about all those times that I brushed over or thought were dumb or boring. My week was insane having four auditions and a ton of material to learn and work on, meetings, and hair appointments, catching up with friends and settling back into my life here.

I finally got a moment to decompress yesterday, staying in my apartment all day long. It was overwhelming everything that had happened in the week prior, being thrown back into reality, well, shoved is more like it. I woke up this morning extremely reflective. For moments, sad, happy, missing tour, missing the show, wondering about the future, wondering about the past. But all that truly matters is the now.

Touring with Idiot was honestly a beautiful wonderful experience that I will never forget and will always hold very dear to my heart. I gained so many great friends and learned so much about myself and the craziness that is life. It's kind of weird for me to think that I will never perform American Idiot again. When the Broadway show closed, I knew that I would be touring so it wasn't as final as it was this time. The last show in San Francisco was, honestly, too special for words which is why this blog post is less about the show and more about life. I will say though to all the unbelievably devoted beautiful fans that came out to our closing, thank you. It truly would not have been as special without you all there. We do the show not only for us, but for you all, and you make it so worth it. To see all of your shining faces living with us up there, watching each number for the last time, it was breathtaking. I'll never forget it and I thank you all for that. It makes me emotional just thinking about it. I feel like we did exactly what we set out to do on this tour. We spread Rage and Love across the country and took audiences in all different regions on the journey that is American Idiot and left them with stuff to contemplate and hopefully find a positive message in. Some people loved it, some hated it, but all were affected none the less. And it felt good to do that for people. This show will go down in history, and I am honored I have been a part of it for so long.

Each moment is one to cherish. Yes it is cliche, and people hear it all the time. It is preached and yelled and said to you a million times in your life, to live in the moment, to love each minute, to trust your path, and to never take anyone or anything for granted because you never know when your last minute will be. Well, it is true. And again you may be thinking, "yes I know, I get it blah blah blah". But just stop for a moment and truly think about that. Don't let it go in one ear and out the other, really think about it. Think about all the happiness you've had in your life, the friends you've met and loved, the jobs that made you want to get up in the morning, the lovers that were yours in that moment...yes there are plenty of friends that hurt you, jobs that sucked big time, and lovers that made you want to gouge their eyes out with a hot poker...but each one of those sucky moments makes you appreciate all those awesome one's even more. If you didn't have that "best friend" at the time stab you in the back, then you wouldn't appreciate your real sister best friend as much. If you didn't fall on your face in the middle of class and have everyone laugh at you, then you wouldn't appreciate as much finding that amazingly cute pair of higher-than-you-think-you-can-walk-in-hells and getting through the night not tripping once. If you botched an audition and left feeling like a dufus, then how would you fully appreciate nailing that high note and making the room smile? You wouldn't. Each moment that we hate is one to learn from, and grow from, no matter how bad it is. And it could be bad for a while, for years you could hate it all, have a string of bad luck, feel like you are stuck in the pits...but don't worry. If you can learn to live in each moment, and look at each situation for what it will pass. And it will get better. Because you want it to, and because you never give up. The moment you lose all hope, you will be stuck in it. And that will do you no help will it? Remember the things you have each day, not the things you don't have and aspire for the things you want with all your heart and all your might, because if you work hard enough, and strive to live a positive and motivated life no matter the obstacle, you will be happy, and life will give you exactly what you need. I am not saying it will be easy. Some days, it will be the hardest. There will always be a wallowing day as Lorelai Gilmore says. Cry all day, eat a million chocolate chip cookies, watch as many chick flicks as you can stream on netflix and hug your stuffed animal until you feel like if it were alive it would bite you for cutting off it's circulation. But the next day, wipe away the tears, take a deep breath and get moving with the good things you do have. Because in the end, even if you have nothing have you. And you will always be wonderful as long as you believe it. 

Anyway, that is my brain dump for the day...not even sure where it came from but take it for what it's worth. Thanks to you readers for reading my thoughts...they are sparse and sporadic, but will be more frequent now since I have nothing to do but sit in a Starbucks drinking sugary coffee drinks and contemplating life.



Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Alright people, I'm back! Sorry for the few weeks off, but it has been an adjustment getting used to being on tour again. Since I last wrote, we spent a few more weeks in Toronto, had a funny ole time in Detroit, loved every moment of Boston, and were elegant ladies in Raleigh! This post is all about my time as Whatsername and a Boston post will follow shortly!

So it happened!!! I went on for the first time for Whatsername!!! I had been waiting since Broadway and it finally happened while we were in Detroit!! I got the call at like 11am from my stage manager Monica saying that Gabby wasn't feeling well and that I would be on for both shows!! This is quite a luxury, being put on for two in a row, because the first one is pretty much insanity so it is always a total help to get to do another one without that first show adrenaline pumping to actually understand what is going on. The adrenaline one feels going on for the first time is unexplainable and the most incredible feeling in the world. I couldn't stop smiling, I couldn't stop crying, I couldn't stop being thankful for everything in my life. It was such a humbling day for me in many ways. Anyway, I called my family and warmed up a lot while looking at notecards and going over blocking in my head and headed to the theatre.

When I got there we went through put-in notes which is where we go through the certain safety things on stage and run anything that needs to be run before we start. The minute I got to the theatre, the support was overwhelming from my fellow cast members. It made me so emotional and thankful for these unbelievable people I get to work with every day! The next few hours were a complete blur. We went through notes, warmed up, and I was rushed to hair where my pink dreadlocks were put in! I put on my new makeup, ran around to sound and wardrobe to talk through quick changes, had a chat with Van about some specifics, and before I new it..."This is American...!!!!!" and the show started and I was running on stage looking at Jillian being me as I followed her out as Whatsername!! The show was unbelievable; a moment in my career that I will never forget. It was one of the best experiences I have had as an understudy going on for the first time because I felt so ready. I had been studying and rehearsing the role since Broadway, so it was still somewhat in my body despite the very few rehearsals I've had being her so far on tour. I was able to fully let go and just be Whatsername. I wasn't in my head at all and I felt totally in the moment throughout the show. It was incredibly fun and again, very emotional for me. I remember climbing the ladder backstage and waiting for my entrance in "Boulevard" and I got a little teary! This whole journey with American Idiot has been so beautiful and humbling and I could not be more thankful that I got the chance to go on. The show went on, with only minor mishaps, my favorite being that I put my dress on in Last of the American Girls wrong. It is different from the one I had on Broadway and has a pretty opening in the instead of putting my right arm in the sleeve hole, I put it through the back looked silly but I just had to go with it haha! Other than that and a few minor things that you only can ever learn about from actually going on, I had a pretty smooth show technically and then got to eat some food, work on a few things with Van between shows and do it all again!! My heart is pumping just remembering how it all felt.

Now I have to give a big thanks to you guys, the fans. It was so beautiful and moving to have the support that you all gave me that day on twitter, facebook, and in person. I have never felt more loved and supported than I did on that day by you all and my family and my cast. It makes the biggest difference when you are opening yourself to something new to have people cheering you on. So thank you so much you guys. I would shoutout to you all individually, but that would take forever! I love you all more than you know and am thankful for every single one of you.

I will however give one individual shout-out to Joanna F (@jkathleen5). I received the most heartwarming fan-mail in Detroit from Miss Joanna and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to tell me your story and put so much love into that letter. It was very moving and made my day extra great. I wish you the best of luck Joanna and please keep me posted on your career in theatre! Keep focused and positive, and you will be able to achieve it all!

That is all for now as I have some catching up to do! I will be posting a very fun blog all about Boston next week! What a great time it was!

krystina :)


(remember to leave any and all recommendations for food, fun, sight seeing or just about anything in this city! Also, leave any questions if you have them about the rehearsal process, flying, life, or anything!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year's Eve of the Ages

Alright far, this city has been nothing but awesome craziness and I love it! Let's talk about opening first...we could not have asked for a better city with a cooler audience to open the show in! The butterflies that were happening when we met at the bed on stage to do our own new version of "fuck time" was contagious and so exciting. The whole creative team came back there with us and Michael gave us a pep talk just before that was so touching. After lots of hugs and break-a-legs, we taught everyone our new "fuck time" inspired by a very funny warm-up our MD Jared taught us the first week (listen close just before the show may just be able to hear it). Then it was time. The girls ran off, and the curtain started to rise...and just what we love, screams and hoots and hollers!! It pumped us up and we were crazy energized through the entire show until the last note from that cello! I hope all of you that came out to opening had as much fun as we did up there. And, to get a tad sentimental, I cannot reiterate enough how amazing you Idiot fans are and how much your support means to me, and to all of us. It makes such a difference having you guys out there, because we feed off your energy and rage and love that you have connected to the show, just as we do. So thanks for really being the coolest fans out there. :)

So, curtain comes down and now, it's party time! Us girls run off and primp and get dressed in our cute opening night dresses and head to the party! Everyone looked so amazing at the party and I'll just say it, collectively, I think we are a pretty attractive cast ;) There were so many pictures being taken, lots of loved ones, and so much support and excitement for what this tour is going to bring these next six months! It was a great night. Oh oh, can't forget the best part though. For some reason, Me, Jen, Nicci, and Jillian thought we'd be tough chicks and walk back to the hotel in our short dresses, no tights, and four inch heels, Jen being the main instigator after I realized it was a horrible idea. We get outside, and it is a hot. mess. Scratch that, FRIGID MESS. We scurry quickly to the doors that would have let us walk back pretty much inside the rest of way, and it was LOCKED. Jillian then broke her heel, and at this point none of us have any feeling in our thighs or toes and we cannot stop laughing/wishing we would have taken Talia's offer to get driven back to the hotel. We see some of our boys walking over and finally have an escort which is great. Me and Jillian continue hoofing it through the snow and then see Jen sprinting past us in her boots!! HER BOOTS! She brought her boots as a back up. Thanks for the tip Jen Bowles. We finally made it back to the hotel and let our bodies defrost. I literally have never been that cold in my life or laughed that hard. Anyway, the whole evening was amazing, but it couldn't last too long because we had to do a matinee the next day, but you better believe that the minute Richard Ouzounian posted that review around 1am, we were all hooting and hollering in the lobby of our hotel. In case you missed it, here is the incredible review he wrote.

Now, onto New Years. I will say in all of my years celebrating New Years with friends and loved one's, this one was definitely one of the BEST New Years Eve's ever!! We started the day with a soundcheck for this performance we were going to have that night at the big New Years Eve Live celebration in downtown Toronto. After we sound-checked and blocked everything out, we headed back to the theatre for our evening show and once that was over we all got all sparkled up for the evening and headed on the bus! Once we got back to the performance venue, we sat around for a bit, took silly pictures, met the Mayor, and finally went on!! There were SO many people there! Probably the most I've ever performed for, and it was awesome!! The crowd was so excited, and we had a total blast performing for everyone, not to mention that it got broadcast on National Canadian Television! In case you missed it...

The rest of the evening was a whirlwind and such a blast. Our producers threw us a party with great drinks and so much food! We all partied and danced and just enjoyed each others company. I know I say it all the time, but I really do love these people. Every single one. And it really was a perfect night and New Years Eve, with the exception of not having my boyfriend with me :( My friends took care of me though, and I did talk to him at midnight :) Hope you all had a happy and safe New Year and that we all stick to our resolutions!! Cheers to everyone!!

krystina :)

PS: Watch and enjoy this video of our adventures on the Toronto subway!

Friday, December 30, 2011


#UticaRocks, the saying of our time in Utica, and even though there wasn't much to do where we were staying (mostly because we didn't have cars or any free time), the tech process brought on lots of bonding, laughing, and hard work that paid off to beautifully tech-ed and performed shows at the end of the week! This show is a beast to light and sound and costume and it really was amazing to see all of it come together! Most of my costumes are the same but I have a new AI look, and a new Rebel and Homecoming look. Everything else it basically the same stuff I wore on Broadway which makes me happy cause I love it but I also love the new stuff! To the right is a picture of my St. Jimmy outfit! Even though we had very limited free time, we had to eat! We spent most of our dinners eating at the restaurant Ancora by the theatre which we were so happy existed because there were not a lot of options! The atmosphere was nice, and the food was so yummy!! I recommend it to everyone! As for the other stuff around the theatre, there sure were some funny happenings between the hotel and the theatre. Our first day, we stopped at a place called "Green Mountain Coffee" and we were like, oh awesome a coffee shop! We walked up to the door and these old guys were like " What are you kids looking for?" and we told them coffee and then they said, "well this is sometimes a coffee shop but we are having a meeting today". We were like, uh okay. I will say though, between the Rite-Aid 20 minutes away, the wig shop down the street, and using our imaginations with what he could find at the hotel, our Secret Santa was a huge success that we had! People got creative, got thoughtful...Julian, one of our guitarists even whittled his secret santa an arrowhead out of his hotel soap!

Now onto more important things, CHRISTMAS!! How was everyones?? and Hanukkah? I had such a wonderful time having my first New York Christmas. Because of our schedule, I wasn't able to find the time to squeeze in flying home to Arizona for our few days off for Christmas which was super weird for me because this is a huge deal with my family! It was hard, but I will say, my small Christmas with my rommies was so much fun!! We watched Christmas movies, opened lots of presents to each other and sent from our families, and had a full on feast including a ham, mac&cheese, collard greens, tamales, beans (homemade Mexican refried beans that I made from scratch!!) and yummy desserts. Not to mention a breakfast feast too of cheesy eggs, cinnamon rolls, and a fancy southern apple sausage roll! It really was such a nice time being at home in my apartment with people I love. I missed my family, but I couldn't have asked for a better and more fun first Christmas in New York! What did everyone get for Christmas? or give?? My favorite thing I gave was a calendar I gave to my parents that I designed with a bunch of pictures of us kids when we were little and stuff. They loved it! And a few of my favorite gifts I got was a Juicy Couture perfume sampler, an awesome dress that I am going to wear for opening, and these beautiful diamond earrings with my birthstone in the middle (woah). I hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of love and lots of food!

Last but not least, here is a picture you Spring Awakening fans might enjoy!! Look who came to our first preview and brought me my favorite flowers??!

krystina :)


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oh and I have to give a shout-out to Katie Fitzmorris for all of her awesome recommendations to do in Utica! Thanks Katie! We never got a chance to check them out cause of our bonkers schedule, but we loved all your ideas!! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I want to be a part of it...New York, New York!

Our time is coming to an end here in NYC, and it has been so incredible. It's funny, I thought that my body would be like, "oh yeah, I remember this, no problem" but instead it was like "ow OW OW OH HOLY CRAP OW". This show is the hardest show on your body but in the best (most of the time) way. We have had the pleasure of working with Steven Hoggett (original choreographer) every day and he is the definition of a warrior. Our "warm-ups" in the mornings are basically full on workouts/bootcamp and it is a sweaty mess. It's funny though seeing the difference already from week one to week two. We are still being worked super hard, but everyone (including me) is stretching farther, breathing less heavy in sprints, doing more push-ups, and looking fabulous. This show whips you into shape quick! It is really amazing getting to work with Steven because I actually never got to work with him when I was in the Broadway show except for one warm-up before a show when he made a special appearance. That is my favorite thing about being able to do the tour.

My experience being a Broadway replacement for this show could not have been more different. I had 8 rehearsals with just me and Ben, and sometimes with Justin Guarini, Davey Havok, and PJ Griffith the other replacements as the time. But mostly it was just me, the incredible Ben Thompson, and our MD Jared. But this time, it's crazy!! We are creating something together with everyone and it is so cool! Tom Kitt is with us every day tweaking the vocals, Steven Hoggett has incredible new ideas which you will all see and, if you've seen the show, will notice with some of the choreography, and it is just awesome because this time I actually get to have a full process. I get to hear Michael Mayer explain why we do this here, or fell like this there. It is a dream. Not to mention the cast. These new Idiots are unreal. It feels authentic and awesome and so fierce! Plus they are like the nicest people ever. I'm already making life-long friends...and they're funny too!

Enjoy some pictures from our rehearsal process! And check out this Playbill exclusive to take a closer look at our rehearsals in NYC!

 Last night after our last studio run which we performed for all the old Idiots, (such an awesome experience having all the Idiots in one room, plus it was SO nice to see everyone!) we all attended the premiere screening of NBC's new show Smash. Michael Mayer, our director, also directs Smash so he invited us all and it was a great way to end our NY rehearsals with a bang. It was at MOMA and we all dressed up, ate fancy hor dourves, took lots of pictures, and watched the show, which was so great! I can't wait till it premieres next year because I have a feeling people are gonna love it, ESPECIALLY theatre lovers! The acting was awesome, the performances were beautiful and fierce, and the show in general was superbly directed and written! Can't wait for you all to see it! And this morning, we had our Sitz Probe and man was in unbelievable!!! This band is SICK. My ears are still ringing!!

So tonight is my last night in NYC (minus the two days we have off for Christmas). It is crazy that we start tour tomorrow! Life is about to change drastically, but in the best way. I love touring and even though I will miss my life here in New York, I cannot wait to start performing this show around the country!

And now I leave you with a video introducing some of the Idiot girls and how we felt after our first week of rehearsal! I know a lot of you have been asking if I am going to make videos like I did for Spring Awakening...and the answer is...yes! Woo! Enjoy!

krystina :)

Next City: UTICA, NY

(remember to leave any and all recommendations for food, fun, sight seeing or just about anything in this city (especially Utica...what the heck is Utica? haha Also, leave any questions if you have them about the rehearsal process, flying, life, or anything!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flying Southern Belle's

Flying home from fly school is not going as smoothly as flying did this week in Charleston. What a great week it was. And what a great city Charleston, SC is. Meet our newest Idiots, Nicci, Jillian (girls up there) Scott, Dan, and Gabe! We had some great times, and big laughs this week and it was wonderful getting to know everyone, especially suspended a billion feet in the air. It was such an awesome feeling getting back into the harness! As some of you know, I understudied Extraordinary Girl on Broadway, but haven't flown in over six months. Muscle memory really is fascinating because the minute I got back in my harness and was hooked up, it all came back to me pretty quickly. My flying partner for this week was Dan and by the end, we were all flying like Cirque de Solei performers/Tunny's&Extraordinary Girls. Also, to answer a question from you guys that I got a lot from my last post, I will be performing in the same track I did on Broadway, Ensemble/ u/s Whatsername & Extraordinary Girl! 

The food here in Charleston was incomparable. Some of the best southern comfort, buttery food I've had. And I have spent some time in Charleston over the past few years, but for some reason this time around, woo! A few highlights were definitely Magnolias in downtown Charleston. I had these amazing barbeque pork sliders with sweet potato fries. The meat was so tender and the bread was perfectly toasted! We also had a really great celebratory dinner at a place called Hyman's close to our hotel which we were referred to by every cab driver in Charleston. We ate some yummy fish, fried green tomatoes, hush puppies, and I tried a sip of a Bloody Mary for the first time. It's like drinking salsa out of the jar. Not my kind of drink but Gabe insists that a "Caeser" Bloody Mary is the way to go which has Clamato juice in it (clam juice). Apparently it's all the rage in Canada where he's from, but I can't imagine drinking salsa with clam juice either. We shall see. Our first night in we ate at Jestine's, another place the cabbies all told us about and I had pecan fried chicken with some of the best mac&cheese. None compares to Matt's grandmas, but it came pretty darn close. All in all, my food experience in Charleston was top notch and I would recommend any and all of these restaurants to anyone visiting! 

Not only was the food great in Charleston, but the people were so nice! True ladies and gentlemen, and I mean to the fullest. People on the street said good morning, the waiters took only the ladies orders first, everyone calls you ma'am, and it seems as if every person around us had a big ol' smile on their face and was genuinely happy to see us! I think everyone (including me) could learn a little something from the South and how hospitable they are! Such a great atmosphere! And now, without further ado, my first guest blogger! The ever-so-talented, biggest Southern gentleman I know, straight from Charleston, South Carolina himself, Matt Shingledecker!    

"Let's start with the fact that I'm so glad you recognize the FACT that my Mama's mac&cheese is the best on the planet.  Still not sharing the recipe.  Sorry!

The best way to describe Charleston's cuisine is French Gourmet meets Gullah Soul meets Seafood.  If you're ever in the area, check out Laura Albert's.  My best friend Elliott Elsey's mother and grandmother have a wine and beer shop on Daniel's Island which also does lunch during the weekdays, brunch on the weekdays, tastings, and caters.  For the locals it also boasts dinners that you can take home, reheat, and serve as if you made a home-cooked meal.  During the warmer months they have outdoor seating and cornhole.

I learned I wanted to act and sing for the rest of my life at the Doc Street Theater, the oldest theater in the country.  It's home to Charleston Stage, the regional theater that I worked the most.  It also is one of the many theaters that houses productions that are part of the Spoleto Festival which brings in artists of all sorts from around the world to Charleston as well as featuring local talent.

What you forgot to mention is how beautiful the city is.  Downtown Charleston is a peninsula so there is water everywhere.  There are many beaches just a short drive away.  It also has the largest historic district in the country.  My personal recommendations are the Battery, Market, and Rainbow Row.  If you're a fan of the "The Notebook," the internet can point you to many scenes filmed in Charleston for the movie as well as many other motion pictures.

All in all I couldn't ask for a better city to grow up in because it kindled some of my greatest loves: food, acting, and singing".

Check out Matt in the Rent revival at New World Stages playing now eight times a week! He plays Roger and it is basically the best thing I have ever seen. Plus he wears really tight pants, and who doesn't wanna see that! Also, follow @bwaybites on twitter, a new food blog created by some of the guys from Rent, including Matt!

So now as I finish this blog post from my comfy couch in New York after being stuck in Charleston for an extra night, we move on to full rehearsals starting Monday at 9 o'clock! And from then on it is go, go, go! It really is crazy how fast time flies! Before we know it, we will be opening in Toronto and I cannot wait. But first, we spend the next three weeks in New York! This should be fun! Enjoy the below picture where some of us deliriously chowed down on a late night dinner at Chili's after we were stranded in Charleston due to our plane being broken. Until next time!

krystina :)


(remember to leave any and all recommendations for food, fun, sight seeing or just about anything in this city! Even though I live here, I and the Idiots are always looking for stuff to do. We will be busy, but still! Also, leave any questions if you have them about the rehearsal process, flying, life, or anything!)